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Electrician Looking at Electrical Panel | Electrician Tampa If you are a Clearwater, St. Petersburg or Tampa resident, an electrical generator is a necessary home appliance, especially in the event of a power outage, such as those that occur during natural disasters, hurricanes and tropical storms. Our area is known as the lightning capital of the world.  As Florida residents, we know that the weather can sometimes be chaotic and unpredictable; it’s best to be prepared for the worst.

Don’t wait until you lose power to consider electrical generator service from Midway Services. From whole house generators to individual units for smaller areas, Midway is your one-stop source for all Tampa Bay area electrical generator services.

A good whole-house electrical generator will act as a backup electricity supplier in case your area of Pinellas or Hillsborough County loses power. Typically installed in your backyard, the unit will feed your home’s electrical system directly with power. Consulting with Midway electrical service experts will allow you to establish your needs, and compare models.

While it is nearly impossible to completely prevent power outages, you can ensure your home appliances are safe from the electrical surges we sometimes experience here in the lightning capitol of the world. At Midway, we offer whole-home surge protection to safeguard all the outlets around your home. With the specialty solutions we offer at Midway, your home or business will be completely protected against voltage spikes.

Don’t wait for the next storm, give us a call today to find out how we can help you prepare and protect your home during future power outages.

Midway’s Electrical Generator Services:

  • Installations and replacements
  • Repairs—troubleshooting & diagnostics
  • Preventative maintenance programs

Types of Electrical Generators

There are a wide variety of makes and models, which is why you’ll want to consult with an expert to determine which the best choice for your particular needs is. One of the biggest factors to look for in a generator is the amount of watts. The first step in shopping for a generator is to determine how much power you’ll actually need during a blackout. You don’t want to get too little of a power supply, but at the same time don’t want to overpay for watts you’ll never use.

Consider what appliances would be imperative for you to utilize during a blackout. Many outages are short lived, but you need to prepare in the unfortunate event that it lasts for weeks.

Another factor to consider when deciding between different types of generators is the type of environment you will be using it for. For example, do you think you will only need it for your home or small office? Or are you looking for one to power a commercial building? Do you want it to stay stationary or have the ability to take it to different places as needed?

Portable vs. Standby Electrical Generator

  • Portable Generator— Works as additional/backup sources of power supply but is, obviously, mobile. You can use it for multiple purposes, for example at your home or to bring to a construction work site for additional power supply. It gives you power wherever you may need it. However many prefer the standby.
  • Permanent Standby Generator—Larger, automatic unit, which is the ideal electric generator for the Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay residents who travel often (especially seasonally). The standby units are permanently stationed outside and are directly connected to your electrical panel system, so if your home or building were to lose power while you were gone, the backup supply would immediately power on, and then back off when regular electricity returns.
  • Automatic Standby Generator – Typically recommended because its permanence provides safety and convenience benefits. For example, they have less risk for carbon monoxide poisoning and they can be easier on your wallet because constant gas refills aren’t necessary.

While some try to install, repair and replace electric generators themselves, it is definitely not the safest, smartest or most cost-effective option. Trying to handle it yourself could cause damage to other electrical systems and appliances in your home. At Midway Services, we offer our Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa area residents flat rate pricing. There are no hidden costs and any additional expenses will be discussed with you so there are never any surprises. We also offer one-hour emergency service when scheduling permits.

We can’t control the weather. But we can make sure we are protected and prepared for whatever Mother Nature sends our way.

For Your Peace of Mind

At Midway, we take your peace of mind very seriously.  We understand that by calling us, you are inviting a stranger into your home or onto your property, and that can be a frightening proposition.

Before we hire a technician at Midway Services, they must pass a nationwide criminal background check and a drug screening.

Midway Services Technician By Van | Electrician ClearwaterMidway service technicians arrive within their scheduled time, driving a Midway Services vehicle, dressed in a Midway Services uniform and sporting a Midway Services ID badge.  You can rest assured that we will leave our work areas neat and tidy and treat your home and furnishings as we would our own.

We are here to make life a little easier. How can we help you?


July 19th, 2017

"Midway services is great. I called in a panic because I thought I killed my garbage disposal. I called in the morning and by the afternoon we had Felix come out. He fixed our garbage disposal and leaky pipe. He was very knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly. He took great care not to make a mess. He wore boot covers as to not track in dirt. He made what I thought was going to be an awful experience a pleasant one. Not the cheapest but worth every penny! Thank you Suzanne (dispatch) Felix and Midway Services!"    

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- Wendy H.

July 20th, 2017

We needed our a/c serviced at 4am and Midway had someone out within the hour. He was friendly, informative, and thorough. Luckily it was a minor thing and we were very pleased with three service AND the cost..... so much so that we have contracted with Midway to service or a/c twice a year and our hot water heater once a year at a cost that is only a few dollars more annually than my Amazon prime account. So worth it!  

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- Lynda M.

January 14, 2017

"I have requested Shane as my tech and Midway has gone out of there way to make him available. Jeff has also been involved in resolving my A/C issues. Midway's techs, operators and senior officers have gone above the normal customer service regarding my A/C units. I own a large laundromat and have two large units that require scheduled maintenance and work. I am please with Midways service."

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- Central Laundry, St. Petersburg

November 16, 2016

"Very professional, knowledgeable and helpful!"

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- Bill S., Tampa

January 18, 2017

"Good day Midway Services I would like to tell you how very happy I am for your great service. Jeremy he is the best. He is very understanding and you can make a sure that he knows just what to do and how to do the job the right way and it is well done. And the clean up I was so happy to see how they cleaned up when the job was completed . I will be calling you for my next job very shortly. Thank You Midway Services."

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- Patricia E., Tampa

Had several bids to replace our entire HVAC system that crashed. Midway Services gave a great price and advice on the system we needed. Installed in 1-day and with extreme professionalism. We could not have been more satisfied. Their Techs were amazing and even cleaned the house before leaving. I was surprised that they did not even break for lunch so we got them pizza which they grabbed from time to time as they kept working. What a crew! Highly reccomend Midway and, in fact, we will be using them for the remodel of our bathroom and enlargement of our bedroom.

- Larry D, Pinellas Park

I have been using Midway Services for about 6 or 7 years. They have always been professional, responsive and good communicators. They respond quickly to needs of their customers every time. I have recommended them to several people. I give them an A+++

- Janet K, Clearwater

Midway Services is my call to outstanding work and professionalism by a staff highly trained to repair, remodel, replace and improve home ownership. After 26 years of owning and diligently caring for our home, it just began needing more assistance. A new hot water heater, toilets, tired bathrooms, hard water deposits, outlets that shut off, and the list went on. In the past seven months I have had the experience to work with Midway employees who have entered our home as professional members of a company they take pride in working for. Their work is outstanding. I can hardly wait for them to begin my kitchen remodel! I am proud to say Midway Services is a company I would highly recommend. Their customer satisfaction and work ethic is present every time a service person steps up to the door with Midway Services on that shirt.

- Barbara K., Seminole

Response was fast (~30min - 1hr) and honest technician.We'll definately be using them for any of our other service in the future.

- Jason R.

We had an emergency with our AC unit one evening and Midway Services sent out HVAC service Dom L. He was fantastic! He temporarily fixed the problem so our AC worked that night until the part came in a few days later. Dom sat with us and gave us all of our options with prices. He made us feel very comfortable in choosing the best option for us (even since our unit was a quite few years old.) He was very upfront and honest on our options and let us choose the best route for us. We appreciated his honesty. We had some water leaking a few days later and we requested Dom back and he fixed the leak and replaced all the new parts that came in. He worked very hard and cleaned over and beyond (it was more cleaning that he thought.) He even took our wet rugs (we had in our garage) out to dry! He went over and beyond. He was very knowledgeable, hard working, kind and explained everything to us thoroughly. We would highly recommend Midway Services to everyone. They are very reliable, hard working, honest and Dom was exceptional!

- Allen B.
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