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Winter Is Here! Is Your HVAC System Ready?

Posted on: December 9, 2016

In case you haven’t been outside in a couple of weeks; heads up – it’s getting cold. As they say in Game Of Thrones (and normal weather broadcasts), “WINTER IS COMING!” While Florida winters are much different than, let’s say, Winterfell, Boston, or Buffalo winters, it does get surprisingly chilly from December-February down south. If […]

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Breathe Easier

Posted on: September 8, 2016

It’s been a long, hot summer here in our beautiful Tampa Bay area. Your strained air conditioner has been working overtime with not a lot of relief in sight. As we move through this heat and humidity, it is a great time to think about the quality of the air within your home. Studies have shown […]

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Pay Attention to Your AC Ducts

Posted on: August 17, 2016

Air Conditioning is truly one of the most important inventions of all time. Think of your life in our hot, humid Tampa Bay climate with no AC. Pretty grim, right? A central AC system is your best friend during our hot Tampa Bay months. Unfortunately, having the right central AC unit is not always the […]

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Maintain that AC Unit!

Posted on: August 17, 2016

I know it’s hard to believe, but we will be moving into the cooler temperatures of what we call Fall and Winter here on Florida’s Suncoast. But with months of dreadfully hot and humid weather still immediately ahead of us, this might be a great time to perform some system checks to ensure you get […]

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How To Survive The Summer Heat

Posted on: August 1, 2016

There is no way around it.  Florida is scorching hot in the summertime! With high temperatures,  precautions are necessary to stay safe and healthy during these months. At Midway Services, we know that the comfort of a cool home is important enjoy the summer. Sun Exposure First of all, make sure you slow down a bit. Avoiding […]

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4 Easy Tips to Make Your AC Unit Last Longer

Posted on: July 18, 2016

Many factors contribute to the overall health and well-being of your central AC system in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area. They include: Matching unit size to the size of the home Quality of the unit System maintenance You can usually expect between 10 and 15 years from your central AC unit. You can extend the life […]

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Keep Your AC Unit Happy and Healthy

Posted on: June 29, 2016

Would you go for years without maintaining your vehicle? Probably not. Just like your vehicle, your AC has many parts and systems that need attention and maintenance on a regular basis. According to, simple maintenance will add life to your home AC system. Filters Do you know where your AC filters are located? If […]

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Putting Safety First

Posted on: May 25, 2016

When it comes to your home life, your top priority is safety, as it should be. Your home is the place where your family lives, your prized possessions are stored, and memories are made, so be sure that it is completely protected in any way that you can. Midway Services understands that when things need fixing […]

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Spring & Summer Energy Saving Tips

Posted on: May 16, 2016

At Midway Services, we know the importance of keeping a cool and comfortable home. With all the fun that can be had in the Florida sun & although the paradise in which we live is absolutely stunning, the heat can be a burden when it comes to keeping our homes properly ventilated and a welcoming […]

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Added A/C Convenience

Posted on: May 2, 2016

This day and age, convenience is everything. We are constantly looking for ways to make our busy lives run smoother and getting everyday tasks to take less and less time. One of the ways that our homes are jumping on the technology trend is with additions like Wifi thermostats. Wifi thermostats are the next generation […]

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What If My A/C Unit Won’t Turn On?

Posted on: April 11, 2016

One of the most used home appliance and machine during the spring and summer months in Florida is the air conditioning unit. Commonly, the unit may run throughout the entire warmer months without ever being shut down at all. So what happens if your A/C unit is off when you don’t expect it to be […]

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Save Your Air

Posted on: April 11, 2016

We have officially made our way into spring and here at Midway Services, we couldn’t be more excited about the season change. Along with the springtime’s approach comes many things. For one, people see this time of year as a time to appreciate our world more and find ways to help, such as participating in […]

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Help Your Air Conditioning Spring to Life

Posted on: February 29, 2016

We are happily approaching warmer weather and the influx of summer days ahead in South Florida! Although living right near the beach seems like a breeze to the rest of the country, we know that keeping the air temperature cool and collected inside our homes and offices can be a difficult task. With the longest […]

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A/C & Heater Problems

Posted on: February 22, 2016

You may have been a little more bundled up over the last few weeks in this fickle Florida weather. Although the temperature has been a bit more brisk than normal, we know that the warmth is just around the corner. What type of Floridian do you tend to be? One who welcomes the cool breeze […]

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$59 A/C Clean & Check

Posted on: February 5, 2016

You know you are in Florida when the air conditioner is the most important home appliance there is! Here at Midway Services, we know that having cool and clean air in your home is not only a want but also a necessity. No matter what time of year it is, we can expect that your […]

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Emergency Heating Service

Posted on: January 27, 2016

Among the many misconceptions about Florida, one of the most common is that it is always warm. And while we may not be experiencing the harsh snowstorms New England is during winter, we are certainly dignified in turning on our furnaces from time to time when temperatures drop. Whether it is 40 degrees or 15 […]

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Exhaust Fan Installation

Posted on: January 27, 2016

As Florida residents we are lucky to have a constant flow of sunshine. Yet, there is also a lot of moisture and humidity we have to deal with. One of the most essential amenities for southern homes to have is an exhaust fan. Exhaust fan system allows damp air to cycle out and replaces it with comfortably cool […]

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Why Heating Repair Is So Important

Posted on: December 28, 2015

When your furnace breaks down or your water heater stops working, you’ll probably be scrambling to find the phone number for a heating repair service. In Clearwater, we’re lucky that the weather doesn’t get chilly too often, but when it does, you’ll want that heater to be up and running at full speed. Units like […]

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Heating Services You Should Receive Every Month

Posted on: December 21, 2015

There are certain heating services that you should receive on a monthly basis in order to keep your Tampa home running smoothly. Whether it is summer and you just want to take a shower or it is winter and you want to stay warm, Midway can keep you comfortable all year long. Filter Cleaning HVAC […]

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Heating: Repair or Replace?

Posted on: November 20, 2015

Here in East Lake, temperatures have yet to drop below 60, so most residents are not even thinking about switching on the heat yet. However, when we get that inevitable cold front, you want the reassurance that your home will be toasty and warm at the touch of a button. If that last time you […]

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Easy Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Posted on: November 6, 2015

With everyone so worried about greenhouse gases harming the ozone layer, many Pinellas Park residents forget to consider the indoor air quality of their own homes. The air you breathe is important, and making sure it is as clean as possible means your family will be breathing fewer toxins, chemicals, and allergens. What Brings In […]

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What Type of HVAC System is Right For You?

Posted on: November 3, 2015

For a comfortable environment in St. Petersburg, it is essential that your home is equipped with an HVAC unit. With the hot, humid summers and cool winters, proper air conditioning services are a necessity for a pleasant atmosphere. To help you decide what HVAC system is best for you, consult our quick guide.  Split Systems […]

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Six Common Indoor Air Pollutants

Posted on: November 2, 2015

Proper AC maintenance is essential for keeping the air in your Dunedin home as clean and pure as possible. Air pollutants are responsible for negative health effects and other damages. The EPA has set National Ambient Air Quality Standards for the following six common air pollutants.  Particulate Matter Particulate matter is comprised of many different […]

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Why Is Duct Cleaning So Important?

Posted on: September 28, 2015

When it comes to HVAC maintenance and repair, many Dunedin homeowners will forget that duct cleaning is a necessary service. Your AC company should not only inspect the outer part of the system, but the inside as well. Just because you cannot see your home’s duct system, doesn’t mean it isn’t just as vital as […]

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4 Signs of AC Trouble

Posted on: September 25, 2015

The end of summer may be approaching Oldsmar, but the days aren’t getting much cooler. A functioning air conditioning system is less of a luxury and more of a necessity at this time of year, and a professional home service company will make sure you stay cool. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound […]

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Fall AC Services

Posted on: September 14, 2015

Fall is arriving in Safety Harbor, and odds are your home or office needs AC services. HVAC units that haven’t seen much attention are likely to fall into a state of disrepair. Out-of-date climate control systems can increase your energy bill, cause health problems, and create uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. Consider these improvements to prepare your […]

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Why Hiring an AC Specialist is So Important

Posted on: July 16, 2015

Here in Clearwater, you don’t want to risk a summer day without air conditioning. So, instead of hoping that your cooling system can handle the heat for another year, call your local home services company to get professional help. An AC specialist will be able to diagnose any problems and will be able to pick […]

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Keeping Cool This Summer

Posted on: July 6, 2015

It is officially July, which means beach days, barbeques, and sky-high temperatures here in Safety Harbor. And while AC services are vital to keeping your family cool on warm days, there are also a few other steps to keep your home comfortable, no matter the temperatures outside.  At Midway Services, we know that sometimes the […]

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Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Posted on: June 15, 2015

An important aspect of AC services in Clearwater is making sure that your HVAC is ready for the change of seasons. Summer heat is in full force, which means your air conditioner is probably running on full blast all day. Have you had the necessary work done to be confident that it will last all […]

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Clean Air Tips from Your Home Services Company

Posted on: June 10, 2015

It’s summertime here in St. Petersburg, which means days full of boating, beach trips, and unfortunately for some, allergies. While pollen is highest in the spring, many people still suffer from allergies in the summer, making their breaks anything but relaxing. While we can’t do anything about the outside allergens, as a home services company, […]

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#MyMidwayHome – Tips for Saving Energy

Posted on: June 2, 2015

Are you looking to save on energy costs this summer? Check out our latest commercial from our #MyMidwayHome campaign to see how! #MyMidwayHome Tip: Keeping a full freezer uses less energy than keeping an empty one! Did you also know that it takes 142 licks to finish a lollipop? Be sure to check out our […]

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AC Services & Duct Cleaning: Why You Need Both

Posted on: May 28, 2015

If you have ever had your ducts cleaned by someone other than an HVAC professional, you are taking a huge gamble. Your home’s HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system is not only made up of a lot of small parts, but it can get pretty complicated as well. When you need AC services on […]

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Why AC Services Should Be Done By a Professional

Posted on: May 26, 2015

When you need AC services for your Safety Harbor home, it is always a good idea to call the professionals. We know that plenty of homeowners these days are attempting more DIY repairs in order to save some money, but when it comes to HVAC units, you should always trust a trained technician. Otherwise, you […]

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How to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Posted on: May 17, 2015

When we think of pollutants, many of us think of outdoor toxins like smog and exhaust fumes. Many Belleair residents don’t even realize that their homes could be full of even more toxins than what seeps in from outside, including dust mites, pollen and pet dander. Many people think that simply changing the air filter […]

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Season vs. Regular Home Services

Posted on: May 14, 2015

When it comes to home services, some tasks should be done regularly, while others should only be done during certain times of the year. However, many Clearwater residents are unaware of this fact, and may be performing the wrong tasks at the wrong time of year. Taking care of a house is no easy job, […]

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Top 5 Reasons for AC Maintenance

Posted on: May 8, 2015

With the summer quickly approaching, you’re counting on a working air conditioning system to keep your St. Petersburg home as comfortable as possible. If you’ve noticed that your home isn’t cooling off as it should be or you’ve noticed an unusual spike in your electric bill since turning on your unit, it may be time […]

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Potential Problems with Your Water Heater

Posted on: April 23, 2015

You may not realize it, but a functioning water heater is one of most important components to keeping your East Lake home from needing plumbing repair services. When your water heater isn’t working properly, you could end up with one of these common problems: Rusty or Smelly Water There are two main reasons for rusty […]

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Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Posted on: April 21, 2015

While many people in Safety Harbor believe in the old adage “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” we know that that doesn’t always apply to your air conditioner. Just like your car, your home’s cooling unit needs regular maintenance to make sure it stays working efficiently. With the right AC service company, you can […]

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AC Myths Debunked

Posted on: April 17, 2015

When it comes to saving money and energy, everyone thinks they know the best way to do so—such as powering off your major appliances when they aren’t in use. But until you consult with a qualified Clearwater AC company, you have no way of knowing if you are truly saving money, or in fact, wasting […]

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Why is it Important to Change Filters?

Posted on: April 14, 2015

It would be nearly impossible to survive one of Clearwater’s scorching hot summers without an efficient air conditioning system. One of the ways you can avoid frequent and costly AC repairs is by changing your filters regularly. As the summer sun sends the temperature rising, your HVAC system will be working a lot harder to […]

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Reasons to Hire the AC Professionals

Posted on: March 31, 2015

If you live in Safety Harbor, you know your cooling unit is vital to your summer days. When facing issues with the system, you always have the choice to do a quick online search for some DIY solution, or call an air conditioning company to help you out.  While many people believe they can handle […]

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Why Is There Water Next to My AC Unit?

Posted on: March 30, 2015

Many Dunedin homeowners have gotten into the bad habit of not paying any attention to their air conditioner, until it stops working correctly. Not only can this cause you to miss the signs of an impending break down, but it also keeps you from knowing what condensation is normal, and what signals the need for […]

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How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Posted on: March 25, 2015

If you are about to make big changes in your home with a new cooling system, take the time to talk to your local AC company! Speaking with a professional before making any decisions can help you get the system most adapted to maximum benefits for your St. Petersburg residence. Upgrading Your System  No matter […]

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The Danger of Refrigerant Leaks

Posted on: March 19, 2015

Any cooling system in Oldsmar will require some AC repair work sooner or later. No matter what needs to be done, it is vital to keep in mind the health of the unit, and the safety issues that may be involved. One of the common problems that we encounter around here is related to the […]

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Is Your Home Ready for the Spring?

Posted on: March 5, 2015

If things seem to work well for you, you may simply not see the need for a new AC installation in your Tarpon Springs home. But planning this kind of purchase does not have to be about replacing a unit that’s broken. Below are some reasons why investing may be a good idea.  Why You […]

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How to Choose the Best AC Unit

Posted on: February 27, 2015

When the time has come to think about your new AC installation, it is crucial do to the right research. Choosing the best system for your Oldsmar home will allow you to get the most out of your unit, all the while saving on bills thanks to the new energy efficiency standards.  Choosing Correctly Before […]

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4 Reasons Why Your AC Isn’t Working

Posted on: February 16, 2015

Here in Oldsmar, we’ve recently had a break from the sweltering weather. However, residents know that it won’t be long now until the warm days are back. Make sure you have AC services completed now, before you have to suffer through a summer without air conditioning.  If you tried to switch the thermostat to “cool,” […]

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How to Handle a Refrigerant Leak

Posted on: January 30, 2015

As an AC company serving the Tarpon Springs area, we are called for a variety of repairs, on all kinds of units.  Sometimes our technicians will arrive on site and see that the repairs have been put off for a long time, causing the problem to grow larger. Even worse, in some cases, people have […]

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Can My Heater Handle the Next Cold Front?

Posted on: January 26, 2015

Lately, the fluctuating outdoor temperatures of Safety Harbor had us wondering if we needed heating repairs. When it suddenly gets cold, we want to make sure our heater is ready to keep us warm and that is will work at peak efficiency. Zero airflow may be the most obvious sign you have a broken heater […]

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What is the Best Time to Install a New AC System?

Posted on: January 22, 2015

When your system is completely out of order, proffesional AC installation services simply cannot wait. But if you live in Seminole and are trying to decide on the best system for your home, and when you should have it installed, doing a little research can take you a long way. Below are some helpful tips […]

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3 Reasons to Keep Up With Heating Services

Posted on: January 15, 2015

It’s winter again, and even though Dunedin winters are mostly temperate, it’s still important to keep up with your heating services.  While the temperature might be warm when you read this, as we’ve had a relatively mild season so far, cold fronts can drop the temperature 50 degrees in just a matter of days.  Is […]

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Heating Services: How to Stay Warm This Winter

Posted on: December 29, 2014

As residents living in Oldsmar and Tarpon Springs, we may not see extreme cold during the winter, but regular heating services are the only way to ensure you will stay comfortable, regardless of if Florida gets chilly or not. Since you may not use your heater very often, it can be difficult to spot a […]

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Tips for Keeping Heating Bills Low

Posted on: December 18, 2014

Picking the brain of heating service providers in St. Petersburg is the perfect way to get the best tips on how to keep your heating bills as low as possible this winter. From unit performance to personal habits, your local experts will tell you what might be costing you more than it should. We have […]

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Upgrade Your AC Before Next Summer

Posted on: December 16, 2014

Colder months have arrived in St. Petersburg, so it’s the perfect time to think about new AC installations for your home. Warm days will be back before you know it, and reasons why an upgrade can benefit your home are various; but in the end, it is all about being comfortable in your home all […]

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Common Heating Unit Services

Posted on: December 10, 2014

Safety Harbor has nice weather most of the year, but it is not unusual to have a couple cold months each winter. It is important to make sure your HVAC system receives the regular heating services it needs, so it is ready to start whenever it gets too cold outside. However, if you are not […]

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Help! My Heater Won’t Work

Posted on: December 5, 2014

Many residents of Dunedin are starting to think about turning the heat on, but few have thought about getting seasonal and preventive heating repairs. Problems encountered with heating units can come from a variety of things. If you are having issues with your unit, take a look at the following:  Thermostat: From a switch pushed […]

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Heating Services: Get Ready for Winter

Posted on: November 28, 2014

With outdoor temperatures slowly dropping, it is time for the residents of Clearwater to make sure that any necessary heating services are well attended to. That way, Floridians can ease into winter without any worries. While it is true our area does not reach infamously cold levels, it is good to know you can count […]

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Final Countdown: End of Season AC Services

Posted on: November 19, 2014

Congratulations! You’ve made it through summer without needing professional air conditioning services—but the year isn’t over yet!  In fact, with the worst of the heat behind us, now is the best time to have your AC checked by a licensed technician.  Living in the St. Petersburg area means we still have to run the AC […]

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Get All Your Ducts in a Row

Posted on: November 10, 2014

There are many different scenarios where a home might need a new duct installation. Many homes that are right nearby us in the Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa area are old enough to be built without any central heat and air, and have still never been updated.  Other homes may have been updated years ago […]

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The Importance of Fall AC Checks

Posted on: October 29, 2014

If pumpkin spice everywhere is a good indicator that fall has arrived, it should also be a sign telling you that it is time to call your AC services provider in St. Petersburg for important air conditioning checks. Although you are getting ready to turn off your AC system for a couple months, it is […]

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When to Winterize Your AC

Posted on: October 21, 2014

As the first cool morning comes around the Tampa Bay and Clearwater areas, it is time to think about the AC services your home needs to start getting ready for the colder months. What is Winterizing? Winterizing is just another way of saying you are shutting down your air conditioning unit for the winter. The […]

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My AC Is Making Strange Noises

Posted on: October 14, 2014

As Largo’s top AC service company, we try to have all of the answers you might need right here in our blog. One of the most common concerns we get from customers is when their air conditioner is making strange sounds. We’ve all been there before: You either arrive home in the afternoon to unsettling […]

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Why Have Seasonal AC Services?

Posted on: September 22, 2014

It’s almost October, and all across the country, people are getting ready for winter. However, here in Seminole, we are still relying on our air conditioners to keep us cool. Now that the weather is starting to cool off, you can start using your AC less and less. You may even opt to open your […]

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Why Doesn’t My AC Blow Cold Air?

Posted on: September 1, 2014

By now you probably know every trick to keeping your home cool during our hot Largo summers. But what do you do when your air conditioner stops blowing cold air? It doesn’t matter how many ceiling fans you have, when warm air is blowing through the vents, no one is comfortable. Know what AC service […]

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How to Choose the Best Air Conditioner for Your Home

Posted on: August 19, 2014

With so many brands to choose from, how do you decide on the best unit for your home’s air conditioning installation?  Is Goodman AC the best choice for your home, or should you buy one from American Standard, or some other leading manufacturer? Ultimately, the choice will depend not only on the quality of the […]

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AC Services in Clearwater: Fixing the Drip

Posted on: July 31, 2014

Most homeowners realize that some amount of water dripping from their AC units should be expected—especially when they are being used heavily and often. But it is important to know what signs indicate a problem with your air conditioner that will require you to call a professional AC services company in Clearwater. What causes air […]

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When to Call an AC Service Company

Posted on: July 30, 2014

St. Petersburg residents don’t need to be reminded of how crucial it is to know of a good AC service company. Especially in the summertime, Floridians can’t afford to suffer, as a result, of a faulty air conditioner. However, it is also not ideal to be constantly paying for HVAC repairs and services, either. It […]

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Help! My Air Conditioner is Frozen!

Posted on: July 21, 2014

Tarpon Springs summers are no laughing matter when it comes to air conditioning services. When the mercury rises, you want to make sure your AC unit is happy and healthy. And now that we have reached mid-July, no one has time to deal with faulty appliances! If you look at your air conditioner and see […]

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Why Should I Replace My AC?

Posted on: July 14, 2014

If you live in Largo, AC services is not something you want to worry about this time of year. We’re already into the middle of summer, so it’s important your air conditioner is in top shape. Unfortunately, no matter how proactive you are, sometimes your unit just needs to be replaced. And this isn’t an […]

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Repair vs. Replace: How to Decide What’s Best for your AC Unit

Posted on: June 26, 2014

When the air conditioner stops working in your Largo home, you may be wondering if you should have AC repair service or just replace the system. Midway Services can help you determine what option is best for you. There are many different factors that come into play when deciding what will be best for your unit. […]

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How AC Services in St. Petersburg Can Save You Money

Posted on: June 17, 2014

Most people believe the AC services used to cool their St. Petersburg home throughout the year, especially during the brutal summer months, is burning a hole through their wallet. What many don’t realize is that there are ways to save a significant amount of money on your air conditioning services. As the cool air blows […]

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How to Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Like New

Posted on: June 12, 2014

Summer has arrived in Clearwater. As the weather heats up, it’s understandable for you to want to keep your need for air conditioning repairs down. It’s inconvenient, to say the least, for your AC to quit working when the mercury rises. You can stop that from happening if you are proactive about keeping up with […]

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AC Services You’ll Likely Need This Summer in St. Pete

Posted on: June 9, 2014

With summer upon us, AC services are something St. Petersburg residents want to take advantage of sooner rather than later, before things get (even more) hot, humid, and borderline uncomfortable! Below are some of the most common types of air conditioning services you’re likely to need this summer, and why you should have them taken […]

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Three Reasons for Indoor Air Quality Inspections

Posted on: June 2, 2014

One of the most important air conditioning services available for your Palm Harbor home is having an indoor air quality inspection. Midway can inform you of potential airborne hazards in your home, and remove. While you may think that your home is fine, there may be hazards that you can not pick up without professional […]

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Air Conditioning Tips: Save Money on Your Electric Bill This Summer

Posted on: May 13, 2014

It looks like this summer is gearing up to be the hottest one yet, and Midway air conditioning services wants to help our Tarpon Springs clients save money on their electric bill.  Your AC is one of the biggest power users in your home and during the summer, when it is working its hardest that […]

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Do I need AC Repair?

Posted on: May 9, 2014

It can be easy to miss the warning signs that point to a problem with your air conditioner until the unit stops working all together. Strange noises, warmer temperatures, and leaking are all signs that something is wrong with your machine. Ignoring these problems can cause damage to your system, leaving you without cool air […]

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AC: Repair or Replace?

Posted on: April 16, 2014

At Midway, we provide you with all aspects of air conditioning repair services. We understand it’s devastating when your system breaks down on those unbearably hot days. While there are instances when a complete replacement may be necessary, there are alternatives that may save you some money. Our authorized staff can replace old or broken […]

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How often do I need air conditioning services?

Posted on: March 25, 2014

Did you know that a dirty air conditioner can actually cost 5 to 15% more to run? Clogged filters block the normal air flow, causing your system to work hard to maintain the same temperature. This affects your electric bill and your wallet! Regular maintenance can not only prevent your system from breaking down, but […]

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Should I Have Regular AC Services?

Posted on: March 17, 2014

Having regular AC services performed can save you both time and money. Reoccurring maintenance will help keep your unit clean and functioning at an optimal level. Without it, your system is prone for producing allergens, experiencing problems with the airflow and breakdowns. At Midway Services, we strongly encourage our Clearwater customers to have regular AC […]

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Do I Need Indoor Air Quality Services?

Posted on: March 13, 2014

In Florida, we use our air conditioning most of the year and our heat during those chilly months. With constant usage, these systems see their share of faults that can drive up bills, decrease efficiency, and even put you in danger. In order to know your AC and heat are functioning properly, you need indoor […]

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Definite Signs You Need a Heating Service Company

Posted on: February 17, 2014

If you are not familiar with them, the signs may not be obvious that you need a heating service company; however, if you want to run your Tampa home at its highest efficiency, and at the most comfortable temperature, you should know what to look for. These are the three basic signs that you need […]

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When it’s Time to Have Your AC Repaired

Posted on: February 11, 2014

We are all familiar with that sweet feeling of walking into an air conditioned room on a hot day; and now that the hot weather is on its way here in Clearwater, you need to know the signs of when AC repair is necessary.  As a Florida homeowner, you always want to be on top […]

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4 Signs You Need Heating Repair

Posted on: February 7, 2014

Probably the most obvious sign that you need heating repair is when you wake up freezing because the heater never turned on.  But sometimes your heater will start to give off signals that it isn’t going to last much longer, and you want to be aware of what to look for. No matter if you […]

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Emergency Heating Services

Posted on: January 29, 2014

Among the many misconceptions about Florida, one of the most common is that it is always warm. And while we may not be experiencing the harsh snowstorms New England is during winter, we are certainly dignified in turning on our furnaces from time to time when temperatures drop. Whether it is 40 degrees or 15 […]

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Indoor Air Solutions: Duct Cleaning & Sealing

Posted on: January 28, 2014

Outdoor pollution is consistently discussed but it is important to also recognize the dangers of indoor air pollution, which is actually more prominent than many think. It has been proven that there is 2 to 5 more times the amount of pollution in offices and homes versus the outdoors. This issue can lead to particles […]

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