Energy Efficiency in Tampa Bay

energy efficiencyEnergy efficiency has become an important aspect in all of today’s appliances and accessories.  For example, fine tuning your HVAC systems for energy efficiency is much more important than many people realize. By utilizing the professional air conditioning and heating services of Midway Services of Tampa Bay will not only improve your indoor air quality and reduce energy consumption, but it could also save you thousands of dollars.

There are many causes of poor air quality, many of which you may not even be aware exist in your home such as duct leaks, poor ventilation, or inadequate humidity levels. At Midway, our ultimate goal is to be mindful of the environment, your health and your wallet by minimizing energy consumption.

Importance of energy efficiency in your home

The purpose of having HVAC systems with energy efficiency is to make sure the occupants of your home are receiving fresh, filtered air that is being evenly distributed throughout your home. Do you ever feel like there are certain parts of your home that warm up or cool down faster than the rest? If so, this is one symptom of having a poor air system that is wasting energy and money. Indoor air quality can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air, causing sicknesses and health ailments such as asthma and allergies.

There are specific tasks within your home that must be handled by experts who know exactly what to look for and exactly how to fix any potential problems. Some of these tasks include filtering air, controlling humidity, and making sure conditioned air is evenly distributed

Every cubic foot of your home can contain millions of airborne pollutants. One way to regulate them is by controlling the humidity levels in your home. Too much humidity can cause mildew and mold, where as too little can ruin your wood furnishings and make your body more susceptible to infections.

Maintaining the energy efficiency of your HVAC system will not only make your home a healthier place to live, but it will also make it more comfortable and less expensive. Routine maintenance and tune ups are necessary for checking the thermostat settings, electrical connections, and air leakage. Midway Services has the necessary diagnostic tools and instruments to spot any existing air/duct leaks and to measure things such as your home’s humidity levels, problems with the insulation and sealing, and air infiltration.

The blower door test locates and measures air leaks; it is a diagnostic tool that is used to find the source of problems such as high utility bills, allergy and asthma problems, and dust. It is able to capture over all building infiltration as well as duct leakage. While people once believed duct leakages were minor, they can actually significantly reduce the functionality of HVAC systems and lose as much as 40% of their received cooling energy.

Another option for reaching HVAC energy efficiency is zoning your home so that you can control which areas warm up and cool down, and when they do so. You obviously use certain areas of your home more than others. There is no reason you should be paying for them to all be receiving the same amount of air.

We offer flat rate pricing and fast, 60 minute service*. With  Midway Services you don’t have to worry about hidden costs or fees. We are very upfront to and want all of clients to feel confident in our ability to properly manage all their home service needs with expert craftsmanship at affordable pricing.

Getting maximum energy efficiency from HVAC systems directly correlates with how well the equipment in your home is installed. Midway Services has been in the industry since 1957. We have made it a personal mission to provide our Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg clients with the best home service possible. We offer whole house inspections and evaluations and, once assessed, will tailor a personalized plan for your home’s energy efficiency. There is a reason why we are known as “Florida’s Most Trusted Service Company™.”

 *Additional fees may apply.  Contact us for details.

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January 14, 2017

"I have requested Shane as my tech and Midway has gone out of there way to make him available. Jeff has also been involved in resolving my A/C issues. Midway's techs, operators and senior officers have gone above the normal customer service regarding my A/C units. I own a large laundromat and have two large units that require scheduled maintenance and work. I am please with Midways service."

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- Central Laundry, St. Petersburg

November 16, 2016

"Very professional, knowledgeable and helpful!"

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- Bill S., Tampa

January 18, 2017

"Good day Midway Services I would like to tell you how very happy I am for your great service. Jeremy he is the best. He is very understanding and you can make a sure that he knows just what to do and how to do the job the right way and it is well done. And the clean up I was so happy to see how they cleaned up when the job was completed . I will be calling you for my next job very shortly. Thank You Midway Services."

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- Patricia E., Tampa

Had several bids to replace our entire HVAC system that crashed. Midway Services gave a great price and advice on the system we needed. Installed in 1-day and with extreme professionalism. We could not have been more satisfied. Their Techs were amazing and even cleaned the house before leaving. I was surprised that they did not even break for lunch so we got them pizza which they grabbed from time to time as they kept working. What a crew! Highly reccomend Midway and, in fact, we will be using them for the remodel of our bathroom and enlargement of our bedroom.

- Larry D, Pinellas Park

I have been using Midway Services for about 6 or 7 years. They have always been professional, responsive and good communicators. They respond quickly to needs of their customers every time. I have recommended them to several people. I give them an A+++

- Janet K, Clearwater

Midway Services is my call to outstanding work and professionalism by a staff highly trained to repair, remodel, replace and improve home ownership. After 26 years of owning and diligently caring for our home, it just began needing more assistance. A new hot water heater, toilets, tired bathrooms, hard water deposits, outlets that shut off, and the list went on. In the past seven months I have had the experience to work with Midway employees who have entered our home as professional members of a company they take pride in working for. Their work is outstanding. I can hardly wait for them to begin my kitchen remodel! I am proud to say Midway Services is a company I would highly recommend. Their customer satisfaction and work ethic is present every time a service person steps up to the door with Midway Services on that shirt.

- Barbara K., Seminole

Response was fast (~30min - 1hr) and honest technician.We'll definately be using them for any of our other service in the future.

- Jason R.

We had an emergency with our AC unit one evening and Midway Services sent out HVAC service Dom L. He was fantastic! He temporarily fixed the problem so our AC worked that night until the part came in a few days later. Dom sat with us and gave us all of our options with prices. He made us feel very comfortable in choosing the best option for us (even since our unit was a quite few years old.) He was very upfront and honest on our options and let us choose the best route for us. We appreciated his honesty. We had some water leaking a few days later and we requested Dom back and he fixed the leak and replaced all the new parts that came in. He worked very hard and cleaned over and beyond (it was more cleaning that he thought.) He even took our wet rugs (we had in our garage) out to dry! He went over and beyond. He was very knowledgeable, hard working, kind and explained everything to us thoroughly. We would highly recommend Midway Services to everyone. They are very reliable, hard working, honest and Dom was exceptional!

- Allen B.

I had a very good experience with Midway Services. A pipe had burst underneath the foundation of my home. In trying to get a handle on all that was needed, I called about 10 or so plumbers in the area. Some neither answered my calls nor returned my message, others never showed, and still others showed but tried to up-sell me on other things or showed a lack of concern for my particular situation. Mike from Midway, on the other hand, took his time in assessing the situation. While his estimate was in the middle ground, I could see he wanted to do his best to not disturb my home (even though the job required running all-new plumbing throughout). He also seemed to have a firmer hand on what the job called for. It seems my house was a particularly difficult case, as all the plumbers told me, but Mike went further to figure out the best plan with the least damage to the home. Mike came in and completed the four-day job as he planned. He also been very responsive after the fact, answering my calls and making himself available for any other questions I imposed. In all, I definitely recommend Midway for your plumbing needs.

- Benjamin G.

A/C system had not been working for a while, even though multiple people had tried to fix it. Tommy and Joey came out and took care of the problem and were extremely professional and pleasant. Could not be happier with the service we received. Highly recommend this company.

- Jim P.
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