Here’s How To Keep Your Toilet From Over Flowing

Posted on: April 19, 2018

The dreaded clogged toilet! Ugh! For some, it can happen more than others. Panic can begin to set in and you find yourself repeatedly flushing the toilet. If you don’t stay calm, cool and collected, you could be standing in a puddle of water before you know it! So to ensure that you’re not, here’s how to avoid an unnecessary overflow:

First Things First

Once you realize that your toilet is clogged and that the water isn’t going anywhere, stop! Your next step is making note of if the water is running or not, if it is, you’ll want to stop it before you plunge.

If The Water is Running

Head to your toilet tank. Carefully and slowly, remove the lid and place it aside and out of your way. Reach inside the tank and press down firmly on the flapper. If you’re unsure of what the flapper valve is, it’s at the bottom of the tank. By pressing the flapper, you can ensure water will stop going into the bowl and prevent an overflow all over your bathroom floor. You’ll then want to shut off the water valve before you begin to plunge.

Get to Work

Now is the time to get out your trusty plunger and begin creating a suction to push the clog down into the drain. If you find the plunger isn’t working or that the clog isn’t making any progress at all, your next step (if you’re handy enough) is to try an auger or snake. If you are still not making a dent, it’s time to call your favorite plumbers.

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