The Extension Cord Safety Tips You Should Know

Posted on: April 10, 2018

Spring can bring a lot of yard work, and with yard work, often comes the increase in extension cords. Whether you are using extension indoor and out, there is always a level of safety you’ll want to keep in mind. To ensure you are using extension cords to the highest safety standards, follow the below in mind:

Look at the Labels Before Use

Extension cords come in a variety of voltage, and not all are made for indoor or outdoor use. So before you purchase an extension cord be sure to know what you are using them for before buying.

Check Quality

Check all extension cords for wear and tear before using them or plugging them in. Damage cords can cause harm to you and the device they are connected to, and should never be used.

Never Use Them Long Term

Extension cords are a great way to get power where outlets are not available, but they are not meant to be permanent. Long-term use can be a fire hazard.

Never Leave Them in a Busy Area

To prevent trips and falls, be sure to keep the cords visible. Never leave them under rugs or behind furniture, as the traction can cause the inside to break down and cause overheating.

Keep Them Away From Water

Electricity and water never mix. So to keep yourself safe, be sure to keep your extension cord far away from any water or pools. Don’t leave your extension cords out during wet weather and be sure always to always put them away.

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