Stop Doing This You Can Do To Your Drain System

Posted on: April 5, 2018

Don’t flush this. Stop using that. Read the label on that. It can be hard to know what cleaners and practices are best, especially when it comes to your plumbing, but we can help. To not become best friends with your plumber,  here are just a few things that you should stop doing to your drains today:

Using Them Blindly

It might be an easy fix to put chemical cleaner down your drain, but please don’t! It can be doing more harm than good. Constant use of drain cleaners can be wearing your pipes down. By ignoring clogs and using quick fixes, you could wind up spending way more cash than you should to fix your pipes.

Ignoring The Signs

A little leak here, a little drip there, may seem like nothing, but nothing can always lead to something. Those small leaks and drips are happening for a reason, and if you ignore them now, you may pay a big price later. By letting water drip, you can cause water damage or worse, structural damage! Stop ignoring the plumbing issues that can be easily fixed. When it comes to leaks and drips call your plumber ASAP.

Letting Your Hair Get Clogged Up

We understand that shedding is kind of hard to avoid and for some households, it could seem like a small animal is covering your drain by the time you’re done showering.  Your best bet to prevent the hair from going down the drain by placing a hair catcher in it. Affordable and easy to install, this will be a lifesaver and so much more comfortable than having to snake out all that gross wet hair.

Miss Using Your Disposal

Not everything should go down your garbage disposal, and there are many things that can cause it to get clogged and break. You’re unsure what can and cannot go down you probably want to talk to your local plumber, but there are a few things also that that is a no. Fats, oils,  eggshells and coffee grinds, are all things you’ll want to throw in the trash.


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