Could Your AC Wall Units be Costing You Money?

Posted on: March 28, 2018

We understand that central air may seem like a considerable investment but when you think about how you’re cooling off your home, in the long run, it can pay off. If you were still using wall units in a variety of rooms, you could be wasting more money than you realize; so here’s why you should take the leap from wall and window units to trusty Central AC.

Wall Units Are Less Energy Efficient

When you invest in central air your investing in humidity control and home comfort. Wall units are great for cooling off one room but have to produce a lot of energy to do so. The reality is many people that have a wall or window unit have more than one. If you have them in the window, a not so good seal on the AC could be causing hot air to enter your home. With this extra air comes extra energy and your unit now has to work to keep your home at a comfortable level.

Uniform Temp

The great thing about switching to central air is that your home won’t be evenly comfortable throughout every single room. When you just have units, you risk the chance of freezing out one place just to keep the rest of the house comfortable. If you’re living in a small space, ultimately a tiny unit (wall or window) is probably best. For a large family, a central air conditioner would be much more energy efficient.

Add up the cost

Your AC wall unit or window unit may be cheaper than installing central air, but if you’re buying more than one for your home, the price adds up, not to mention how much you’ll spend on replacing them and fixing them. To get the same comfort, you would get with Central AC, you’d have to buy several of them, and in the end, the price winds up being not far off.

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