How to Know if You Have a Slab Leak

Posted on: January 19, 2018

One of the most frustrating and hard to find home problems is a pesky slab leak. A slab leak occurs when the plumbing under your foundation leaks. Since the pipes are so concealed, it can be hard to detect it right away, leading to some severe home damage. Though the signs are subtle, knowing them can help you fix the issue before significant damages occur. So here are three clear signs your home has a slab leak:

basement flooding

Higher Water Bill

A slightly increasing water bill is one thing and can be reasonably quiet usual, but a water bill that is through the roof is not. If you are noticing your bill has taken a big jump up in price, a slab leak could be the cause. With a slab leak, water is running day and night, whether you are using it or not.

Check The Floors

If you are noticing pooling, warm and wet spots, or mildew growth, water is your issue. Another good sign is to check if any areas are suddenly warmer than another. A leak that is on the hot water side will cause the heat to transfer to your flooring. Though difficult to find, you can have the same issue with cold water, and be left with cold spots.

Odd Sounds

Since everything is deep down beyond your foundation, a slab leak sound can be subtle and often hard to find. To keep your ears open for the sound of a  leak, you’ll want to listen for the sound of dripping or running water, when you know there shouldn’t be.

Once you have identified a slab leak, you’ll want to shut off your water valve and call Midway Services. We can help you with all our your plumbing needs! Get a free estimate or call us at 727.565.4715.



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