Top Energy Saving Tips For Winter

Posted on: January 10, 2018

It’s never a bad idea to be energy conscious, especially when winter hits. It might be tempting to pump the heat and keep the house toasty and warm, but it could be hurting your wallet. If you are looking to save energy and some money on your electrical bill, here are a few easy tips you can start following today!

Leaks Be Gone

Believe it or not, your energy could just be sneaking its way right on out. With leaky windows and doors, you can be pushing a lot of air out your home that is better left in. Check all window sills and doors to make sure they are properly sealed, and heating your home should come at a more affordable price.

Adjust The Temp While Away

If you are looking to get your energy waste down, you’ll need to take a look at your heating and cooling costs. One of the most common ways to waste energy is by never adjusting your temp. Instead, turn down your temperature in vacant rooms, or at times when the home is empty.

Let in The Sun

A free and quite enjoyable way to get warmth into your home is through sunlight. Whenever you can, open the blinds and let the natural light shine on in. The extra bit of warmth will allow you to turn down the heat, and can save you some money in the long run!

Get Your HVAC System Serviced

To get the best energy use in your home while still keeping it comfy and cozy, you’ll need to keep your HVAC system serviced. A well-serviced machine is one that runs more efficiently, but beyond that, you get more even heating, better air quality, and a better lifespan.

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