3 Reasons to Upgrade your HVAC System for the New Year

Posted on: January 3, 2018

It’s a new year, and with it comes to some resolutions. Whether you are hoping to improve your diet, your lifestyle, or kick a pesky habit, there is one thing you should keep in — updating your HVAC system. If you have an outdated AC and heating unit that is older than you can remember, here are three reasons, you’ll want to upgrade it for the new year!New HVAC System

It Can Save You Money

A new and improved HVAC system means that you are getting more energy efficient heating and cooling. If you are still using ancient wall units, and your heating system is older than you, it could be one of the main reasons your electric bill is always so high. With today’s systems, you can pair a digital thermostat, and keep your home’s temperature on a timer so that you’ll never have to forget to lower the heat when you leave. With a new system, a desired temperature is much easier to achieve too! 

It Improves Indoor Air Quality

By investing in a new system, your are investing in improved air quality for your home. With tons of filter options to choose from, the right system can keep your home free of pollution and allergens. If you are looking for maximum protection, HEPA filters are your best bet. They remove 99% of particulate matter that is .3 microns in diameter. Without a proper filter screen, you are pushing dust mold and other particles around your home. 

Fewer Repair Costs

With a new HVAC unit comes better efficiency which is a great thing for your system. An old, outdated system can start racking up the repairs quickly. Parts can continuously wear out, causing you to have your repairman on speed dial. A new method will not only provide you with better overall air quality, and energy efficiency, with routine yearly maintenance, you can get years out of your new system!


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