Plumbing Myths Every Homeowner Should Know

Posted on: November 9, 2017

You might think that every plumber is just being overcautious or trying to take money from you, but they aren’t. Small little problems that you think can be ignored, shouldn’t be and the more you let them go, the more you could wind up spending. So here are just a few of the plumbing myths you should stop believing.

Leaky Faucets Aren’t A Big Deal

This is such a common misconception that can wind up costing homeowners more money than they know. A leaky faucet can often be an easy fix, but if left ignore you’ll be spending major money on your water bill. It can also damage your sink and faucet, so get it fixed!

Everything is Flushable

Just because something may say flushable, doesn’t mean it is. Flushable wipes are not biodegradable and can actually cause you a major plumbing disaster. When it comes to flushing, less is more and if you aren’t sure, throw it in the trash!

All You Need is Drain Cleaners

Drain cleaner is a great quick fix, but that is it. Constant use of drain cleaner is actually a big no-no that many homeowners aren’t aware of. If you have a major clog and are constantly using a home de-clogger, there is a good chance you are making it worse. Overuse of drain cleaners can lead to a leak or more. 

If It’s Not Broke Don’t Fix It

Maintenance of your home is vital, and your plumbing isn’t excluded from that list! There is no reason why you shouldn’t be getting your plumbing looked at because the little tiny things you might notice, can cause a big burst later. Water pressure changes, or drains draining less can all be signs of plumbing issues that need to be looked at by a professional.

No matter what the cause, Midway Services can repair, install and replace all plumbing fixtures in your Clearwater, Tampa, and St. Pete home. For a free estimate or call us at 727.565.4715.

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