How to Identify Poor Indoor Air Quality

Posted on: October 27, 2017

Do you have a cough that just won’t quit, is there a not so pleasant scent lurking in your home or a pile of dust lying on your shelves each day? It could be your air quality! Indoor air quality is vital to your health and if ignored can lead to some severe health problems. So here’s how to identify poor air quality in your home.

Allergy-Like Symptoms

If you notice that you and your family members have similar lingering symptoms — it could be reduced air quality! Some of the most common symptoms are headaches, respiratory issues, and fatigue — but symptoms can vary depending on the person. If you find that your household is under the weather more than not, it’s time to get your air quality tested.

Check Your Surroundings

Increased humidity can play with your air quality and with more moisture comes unwanted growth. Though mold can be typical in damp, dark places, poor air quality can cause it to grow in spots you wouldn’t expect, and it’s something you’ll want to clean and tackle before it spreads.

The Nose Knows

If your home suddenly smells not so pleasant or not so much like home — it could be one of a few air quality issues. Mold will have a distinct musty smell while a sharp scent could be caused by some not so healthy chemicals. It could be easy to get used to it too, so try and pay attention every time you enter the house.

Dusting Increases

When allergens are in the air, your air quality can severely suffer. If you feel like you’re dusting more than usual — you are probably right. When the seasons change — it’s essential to keep up on cleaning as the excess pollen, and pet dander can increase allergies. Another way to keep air quality high is by keeping your HVAC filters clean too.

The experts at Midway Services understands the importance of indoor air quality. When it comes to your ventilation system, we will help keep it free from dangerous contaminants while ensuring your comfort. For service in the Tampa area, get a free estimate or call us at 727.565.4715.

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