Why Your Fall Cleaning is Good For Your HVAC

Posted on: October 21, 2017

fall clean-up

The fall weather is the perfect time to get your yard and housework in check. Not only is a great way to keep your home organized, but its a beautiful time of year to schedule your regular appliance and HVAC yearly tune-ups. Now that the weather is changing and the leaves are falling, here’s is why keeping up with your fall cleaning is must for a healthy HVAC system.

Keeps the Air Quality High

A neglected home can carry over to your HVAC system leaving your filters and machine filled with dust and pollutants, and ultimately making it work over time. If your home is dusty, chances are your vents are too and you are now blowing those undesired particles all through your home. So if you want to keep your indoor air quality at a reasonable level — fall cleaning is vital.

Saves You Energy

When you have a clean home, you have a clean HVAC system and a clean HVAC system runs at its very best. Dirt and dust buildup causes your machine to have to work double time, and because of this, you are spending more on energy.  So if you are looking to reduce your energy bill, don’t neglect your HVAC system.

Preps Your HVAC System

While you are in the process of cleaning up your yard for fall, why not set up your annual tune-ups now? Your HVAC system worked hard all summer long and should regularly be serviced by a professional. The quick appointment now can add years to your system.

Keeps Your Air Ducts Clog-Free

Leaves are an air duct no — so while you are in yard clean-up mode, be sure to check your HVAC system too. When leaves get stuck in your air vent, they can cause a significant blockage of air and a possible breakdown. So be sure to keep your air vents clog free. 

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