How to Prevent a Plumbing Emergency

Posted on: September 22, 2017

No one wants to spend their savings on a plumbing disaster, and you sure don’t want to have to clean up a preventable mess. With a little TLC, many plumbing issues can be easily avoided. So to avoid being besties with your plumber, here’s what you should know:

Watch What You Flush

Don’t believe everything you read, just because something might be labeled flushable doesn’t mean it’s good for your plumbing. To make sure a clog never happens you’ll want to stick to the rule of only waste or toilet paper. When it comes to toilet paper, stick to the lighter stuff too. The heavy duty stuff can be too bulky and wad up in your pipes.

Check for Leaks

To avoid a little tiny issue from becoming a full-blown disaster, you’ll always want to check for leaks or drips and get them fixed as quick as you can. A little leak can turn into a major burst if not taken care of.

Kick Grease to The Curb

When it comes to cooking oils and fats, keep them away from your drains. Fats and oils should always be disposed of in the garbage and never down the sink. If placed in the pan, oil will solidify and can cause a major drain clog over time.

Be Kind To Your Pipes

Some other simple ways to prevent any pipe issues is to be mindful of how you treat them. Never hang anything from an exposed rod, as this can cause unnecessary pressure and loosen joints and fasteners.

No matter what the cause, Midway Services can repair, install and replace all plumbing fixtures in your Clearwater, Tampa, and St. Pete home. For a free estimate or call us at 727.565.4715.

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