4 Fun Facts About The Tampa Bay Rays

Posted on: December 21, 2016

If you’ve been subscribing to our blog, you know that we continually post HVAC tips, plumbing blurbs and other original articles that showcase our expertise. Well, this month, we’d like to switch things up by giving you a special sports edition of the Midway Services blog. We hope you enjoy these fun facts, and if you do, please link to this post on social media to show your support!


In this month’s special edition, we will discuss some events you may recall about our home team, the Tampa Bay Rays.


  1. The team once had a bobble head day featuring David Price’s dog. At the time, Price was the star pitcher [ace] for the squad, but his pug was almost as popular as he was.

    Tampa Bay Rays Mascot
    [The bobblehead of Astro is pictured above – Image Source]
  2. Tropicana Field was built before the Rays were a MLB team, and the stadium name was not originally Tropicana Field. The original name for the stadium was the Florida Suncoast Dome, which then became the Thunderdome, which later became Tropicana Field aka “The Trop.”
  3. Their home park has a tank filled with live manta rays. Fun fact about manta rays: Every week, manta rays eat about 13% of their body weight.
  4. In 2008, the Tampa Bay Rays went to the World Series. The average age for their batters was 27.2 years and 27.5 years for their pitchers. It’s quite impressive for such a young, green team to make it so far in only the franchise’s ninth season in the Major League!


Now that you got your fix of local entertainment for the day let’s get back to our bread and butter – plumbing repairs and HVAC services in/around Tampa, FL. We strive to hit a home run on every job by providing MVP-like service to our customers. Whether you need HVAC services in St. Petersburg, FL or plumbing installations around Clearwater (where the Phillies have spring training), we have got you covered! For more information, call us at 727-565-4715 today! Oh, and, GO RAYS!


BONUS – POP QUIZ: What jersey number does Tampa Bay Rays’ All Star third baseman, Evan Longoria wear? Good luck!


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