Winter Is Here! Is Your HVAC System Ready?

Posted on: December 9, 2016

In case you haven’t been outside in a couple of weeks; heads up – it’s getting cold. As they say in Game Of Thrones (and normal weather broadcasts), “WINTER IS COMING!” While Florida winters are much different than, let’s say, Winterfell, Boston, or Buffalo winters, it does get surprisingly chilly from December-February down south.

If you are new to the Tampa, Florida, area, you may be in for a rude/cold awakening. At night temperatures can drop into the low forties (yes… 40 degrees Fahrenheit). This isn’t just bad for your outdoorsy plans (beach volleyball, a stroll in the park, etc.,) but this can also negatively impact your HVAC system. To avoid frozen pipes or faulty, slow-working systems, it’s always a good idea to check and make sure your HVAC unit is warm and cozy during the winter.

  • If you are reading this from somewhere that has harsh, snowy winters; turning your AC off from the unit can prove to be a good idea. The same goes for our local clients here in Florida. Since Tampa residents should be expecting high temperatures of 65-75℉ on most winter days, turning your air conditioning unit off could help you save money and prevent HVAC disasters (which will prevent headaches and stress.) If you need help finding the off switch, simply put your unit’s make and model into Google and YouTube and there is sure to be a quick and easy tutorial.

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  • Be sure to clean any debris from the unit. This includes fallen leaves, branches, animal excrement, nests, and anything else that can become a nuisance. Believe it or not, animals are one of the main causes of AC damage. If you have access to a hose, use it to give your unit a deep exterior cleaning – Plan to do this on one of the warmer days of the week so everything dries completely.
  • If there are any exposed pipes on the outside, insulate them by cutting foam overs that will snugly fit around the pipe. Tape it on to secure it. This process helps prevent frozen pipes. This step is not necessary in warmer areas like Florida, but it’s very beneficial in the colder states. The team here at Midway Services is always happy to lend a hand or two. We offer fast, 60-minute service and are GUARANTEED to be on time!
  • Next, cover your unit to prevent dirt, snow, and curious critters from finagling with your system. This can be done a couple of different ways. Some people prefer to completely conceal their unit with the vinyl cover, while others simply lay plywood on top of the unit and secure it by placing a heavy stone or brick above it. This keeps the inside of the unit closed off (shielding debris from entering), while still allowing the rest to remain exposed to the elements.

If you are unable to winterize and weatherproof your HVAC unit, let us know. Midway Services offers a $59 AC checkup that is comprehensive and professional. For help with your HVAC system in Pinellas, call 727-565-4715 today

We hope this guide was helpful. Click here to read our complete guide to weatherproofing your home in “8 Easy Weatherizing Tips.


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