7 Checks to Hiring a Professional Plumber

Posted on: September 15, 2016

When it comes to those annoying plumbing problems, many Tampa Bay homeowners take a do-it-yourself approach and try to fix it themselves. Like anything else, practice makes perfect. If you haven’t worked on a faucet leak since Nixon was president, you may need some practice.

Since simple plumbing problems can become major disasters, the best way to handle your plumbing problems is to call a plumbing contractor and get the job done right – guaranteed!

Hiring a Clearwater plumbing company can be dicey. Especially in our transient area, many who identify themselves as plumbers are not licensed or insured. Following are 7 tests that will ensure you are hiring certified, licensed and insured professional plumbers.


  1. Florida State License

The state of Florida has established professional licensing systems for service businesses. This should be the first stop in any search for a Tampa plumber. Midway Services’ Certified Plumbing license is CFCA25591. This can be verified by visiting the Florida Licensing website and searching on “Midway Services.”


  1. Experience

Even with a Florida State license, some plumbers may not have the specific experience to deal with your particular issue. It is best to inquire about the experience level of the plumber who will be sent to your home when you make the appointment. Midway Services has been providing highest quality plumbing services to the greater Tampa Bay area since 1957. You can rest assured that our technicians have the experience to resolve your plumbing issues.

  1. Cost Estimate

When you get an initial estimate on the project cost, make sure that everything needed for the repair is included – labor, materials, etc. If you are quoted an open ended hourly rate without a firm estimate on the number of hours, you may get a nasty surprise when the job is completed.

At Midway Services, we provide you with an all-in, total cost estimate with no surprises when the job is complete.


  1. Satisfaction Guarantee

Ask about a written guarantee for the work and materials, and make sure it is provided in writing. All Midway Services work is guaranteed 100% in writing.

  1. Insurance Coverage

Your St. Petersburg plumbing company should carry Workman’s Compensation insurance to cover any injuries their employees might incur on the job. They should also provide a healthy liability insurance coverage that will cover the cost of repairs for damage arising out of their actions in your home. Midway Services provides both insurance coverages, so you can rest easy.

  1. Emergency Response Time

Plumbing emergencies wait for no one and can become major issues with the passage of time. Make sure that your plumbing company is capable of providing emergency service – even after normal work hours. At Midway Services, we offer one-hour emergency service where required.


  1. Customer Referrals

Any service industry lives and dies by customer referrals. If you have never used a professional plumbing service, ask them for customer referrals. And then follow up with those referrals where possible.


At the end of the day, you will be a happy homeowner with no plumbing problems if you hire a professional Tampa Bay plumbing company that meets all of the above requirements. We invite you to call Midway Services for the best plumbing service available.




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