4 Easy Ways to Conserve Water

Posted on: September 13, 2016

When I was growing up, water was never an issue. There was always plenty. We lived by a lake and we never really gave our water resources a second thought. Water was cheap and plentiful.

Today, we may have already forgotten the recent years of drought and water restrictions. When we see flooded streets in Tampa Bay neighborhoods, those memories of brown lawns tend to fade fast.

Many social scientists tell us that in the near future wars in the world will be fought over water rights, not oil. Water supply is becoming a worldwide concern.

We offer few fairly easy ways that each of us can help to conserve water supply and ensure it is available for future generations.

Faucet Control

Do you leave the water running while you shave or brush your teeth? You can save many gallons per week by running your faucet only when you need the water.

Limit Shower Time

There is nothing quite as relaxing as standing under the hot shower for ten or fifteen minutes. Not sure how long your showers take? Set a timer and you might be surprised. You can make a concerted effort to cut a minute or two off your shower time each week. Use a timer in the bathroom and get out when it rings. Your water savings will be significant!

Fill Them Up

Be mindful of running small loads through your dishwasher and washing machine. Where possible, you will want to run full loads. This will result in fewer load cycles and save hundreds of gallons of water over time.


When you rinse your produce, rinse it over a bowl and retain the water. You can also set up a rain barrel to catch runoff water from your roof and gutters. This water has many uses, including garden irrigation and car washing.

If you think you may have some plumbing leaks in your home, we invite you to call the plumbing professional at Midway Services to get those leaks fixed and stop wasting precious water.



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