Are You Ready For The Big One?

Posted on: September 7, 2016

Let’s face it – we are leading a charmed life here in the Tampa Bay area. Living in the heart of hurricane alley, we have not had a major hurricane hit for almost 100 years. We just had a near miss that caused a whole lot of problems here, from street flooding to untreated sewage being emptied into our beautiful Tampa Bay waters.

When you consider that a hurricane is responsible for cutting Blind Pass in St. Pete Beach, it is wise to respect the power of these monster storms and the damage they can do to heavily populated areas. Parts of the country are still recovering from the effects of Katrina and Sandy.

September is National Preparedness Month and the federal government has created a website devoted to preparedness. They are encouraging all of us ot create a family emergency communication plan and offer templates to build such a plan. Click here to visit the website.

In our hot and humid area, losing power is right up at the top of concerns when storms hit. Many Tampa Bay families are turning to generators to get them through power outages.

Generators produce energy with a combination a rechargeable battery, fuel and an engine.

Portable Generator
This is the most economical home generator. It is used to power selected household items during a power outage. These are normally gasoline powered and need to be started manually. These generators can be wired directly into a subpanel by an electrician or plugged directly into appliances with extension cords. The power output of these units is limited and cannot power an entire house.

Standby Generator
These units are permanently installed outside the home and are powered by natural gas or propane. Since they run on local utility lines, they do not need refueling to continue operating.
When properly installed by electrical professionals at Midway Services, these units sense power outages and engage within seconds. In many cases, the homeowner is not even aware that normal power is out since the transfer is so seamless.

As we enter the heart of the hurricane season, we encourage you to contact the Midway Services electrical professionals to discuss the best generator solution for your home.


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