How To Treat High Water Pressure

Posted on: July 26, 2016

Just like your physical body is at risk from high blood pressure, so your home plumbing system can be at risk from high water pressure. This situation can cause many problems from minor leaks to noisy pipes. Minor leaks tend to turn into major leaks over time, especially with higher than optimum water pressure.

So what’s a Tampa Bay homeowner to do?

First and foremost, have your water pressure tested by the plumbing professionals at Midway Services. Ideally, your water pressure should range between 40 and 65 pounds per square inch (PSI.) Homes normally have a pressure regulator located close to the main water supply for the house. Over time, these regulators can develop problems and allow internal water pressure to become dangerously high.

If your  home is older, chances are your pipes are not as clean and strong as they used to be. Especially in these cases, your chances of developing small leaks due to high water pressure are increased.

If you notice clanging of your pipes when your washing machine stops filling, that may be a sign of higher than normal water pressure. It may also be a sign of a loose pipe. In either case, you will want to eliminate the clanging by calling on Midway Services plumbers.



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