Selecting a Generator for Your Home

Posted on: July 19, 2016

How things have changed. In the old days, when the power went out, we kept the refrigerator door closed – or moved our perishables into an ice-filled cooler. We cranked up the transistor radio and listened for updates.

Today, virtually every system in your home relies in some way on electric power. We really don’t realize how much we rely on electric power until it’s gone.

Many of today’s homeowners, especially those in the lighting-rich Tampa Bay area, are unwilling to do without when the power goes out. For those, an electrical generator is the answer.

Basically, electrical generators come in 3 sizes, medium, large and extra large.

A medium system is intended to power survival appliances only. This size unit will put out up to 5,000 watts and will power a refrigerator, freezer and a few other devices, but is not intended to provide whole-house coverage. These units range up to $500.

A large system can power multiple rooms in your house in addition to survival appliances. They can put out up to 10,000 watts and cost up to $1,000.

An extra large system can power an entire small home with up to 20,000 watts of power. These units can cost several thousand dollars.

Your generator decision is based on your need for electric power. If you can do without your comfort items, the smaller systems will do just fine. If you insist on your central AC, then the extra large system is your best bet.

The electrical experts at Midway Services will help you choose and install the correct electrical generator for your family situation.



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