Hot Laptops Can Be a Fire Hazard

Posted on: June 29, 2016

Recently, overheated laptop computers have been blamed for residential fires across the country. Laptops get hot. But there are several things you can do to minimize the risk of fire from an overheated laptop.

  1. Make sure that the heat vent is clean and you can feel hot air being pushed out. If you don’t feel much air moving, you should inspect and clean the fan vents. If this does not help, open the unit and manually clean the fan. You should need to check with the laptop manufacturer before taking the unit apart.
  2. Keep your laptop out of hot weather. It is common sense to keep your laptop out of direct sunlight and away from around heat sources. Summer temperatures above 95 degrees are likely to cause overheating problems.
  3. Your laptop is designed to sit on a flat surface. Most have tiny rubber feet designed to facilitate airflow. Most folks place their laptops on their laps. This can restrict or stop the ventilation. The best idea is to use a laptop stand which allows the unit to breathe freely. If you must place the laptop on your lap, then keep your legs spread apart.
  4. You can also look into installing programs like SpeedFan for Windows and smcFanControl for Mac OS. You can choose loud and cool or quiet and hot from there.

As with all your electronics, it’s best to ensure that your home is properly wired from the breaker box all the way to the outlets. Midway Services can help with all of that. We are the electrical experts in Tampa Bay.


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