Is My Electrical Panel Safe?

Posted on: June 28, 2016

Making sure that your home is properly cared for and as safe as possible for your family is of the upmost importance. As your Tampa Bay electricians, Midway Services is determined to make sure that our local areas are informed and properly educated on the troubles and dangers that can occur, so that in turn we have safer homes and a community that functions to the top of its ability.

Does your home have a Zinsco Panel or a Federal Pacific Electric Circuit Breaker (FPE)? It has been reported that these are generally obsolete, but our Midway Services electricians have come across homes that are still running on these systems. Are they safe in your home? This is what we are going to dive into & let you know!

These two systems were very popular years and years ago, and since then, many homes have converted to newer electrical systems – but not all have. For the houses in our area that are still running off these panels and circuit boards, it’s important that you take note. As our homes require more and more energy usage to run day to day, these outdated systems are not able to keep up quite as well. This results in overheating and can cause house fires and electric shock to those in the home.

Take the Zinsco panel for instance. When the panel overheats, due to the high energy demand placed on it, the breaker can melt into the bus bar which then can no longer properly trip in case of over current or short circuit. The electricity will continue to run through it, despite the issues, and this is where a fire can easily start. Unfortunately, the same reports have been made about the FPE. Too much elecricity running through these older systems is just a disaster waiting to happen and it doesn’t have to give you any warning.

At Midway Services, our intention is never to scare you but to inform you so that you are in the know at all times and able to make smart choices to keep your home safe. If you have any further questions about one of these systems or are unaware as to if you need a replacement panel or circuit breaker, please do not hesitate to call us today! Our passion is helping you create the home of your dreams that meet all your needs.


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