Extension Cord Safety

Posted on: June 22, 2016

An electrical outlet won’t come to you. You must go to the outlet. The best way to extend the reach of your home’s electrical outlets is through an extension cord.

Proper use of extension cords ensures safety. Improper use can be dangerous and even deadly.

Extension Cord Safety Tips:

  • The cord must be rated for its intended use – indoor or outdoor
  • It must meet or exceed the power requirements of the appliance or device being used
  • Inspect all cords for cracked insulation or bare wires and discard damaged cords immediately
  • Don’t run extension cords through walls or ceilings
  • Do not nail or staple extension cords to walls or baseboards
  • Make sure the cords are not pinched in doors, windows or under heavy furniture. This can cause damage to the insulation
  • Keep extension cords out of high traffic areas since they can be a tripping hazard
  • Make sure the extension cord is plugged fully into the outlet with no part of the prongs exposed
  • Ensure that all cords are certified by a nationally recognized testing laboratory – UL, CSA or ETL
  • Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions


Outdoor Extension Cord Safety Tips:

  • Use only extension cords marked, ”For Outdoor Use”
  • Keep cords out of high traffic areas
  • Examine outdoor cords before each use and discard any that are damaged


Of course the best solution is to add permanent outlets where they are needed and eliminate extension cords altogether. Midway Services can help with all that.


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