After the Storm: Look at Electrical Generators

Posted on: June 8, 2016

Tropical Storm Colin made its presence known in a big way earlier this week all over the Tampa Bay area.  Up to 12” of rain and winds over 50 miles an hour closed schools, flooded roads and did a lot of structural damage, especially in Pinellas County.

The actual storm stayed well off shore as the eastern bands played havoc on the local area.  Just another reminder of how vulnerable we are to nature’s fury here in the Tampa Bay area.

When these big storms hit St. Petersburg several times throughout the year, one of the biggest problems is the loss of power.  In some cases, Tampa Bay area residents can be without power for hours or even days.

With our growing reliance on our electrical appliances and devices, these power outages are more than inconvenient.  Security alarms power down.  Cell phones die.  Over a long period of time, you can be totally cut off from the world.

Additionally, since these storms occur during our hot, humid Tampa Bay days, the loss of our air conditioning can be a major issue.  This can be not only an inconvenient situation but also a dangerous one.

With our recent wake-up call, it’s time to think about investing in a whole house electrical generator.

A good generator will act as a backup electricity supplier in case your area of Pinellas County loses power. Typically installed in your backyard, the unit will feed your home’s electrical system directly with power. Consulting with your Midway electrical service experts will allow you to establish your needs, and compare models.

While it is nearly impossible to completely prevent power outages, you can ensure your home appliances are safe from the electrical surges we sometimes experience here in the lightning capitol of the world. At Midway, we offer whole-home surge protection to safeguard all the outlets around your home. With the specialty solutions we offer at Midway, your home or business will be completely protected against voltage spikes.

Don’t wait for the next storm, give us a call today to find out how we can help you prepare and protect your home during future power outages.



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