My Shower Head Is Disgusting!

Posted on: June 7, 2016

If you just moved to the Tampa Bay area, or if you are a long term resident, you probably noticed that our house water is pretty “hard.”  In water terms, hardness equates to the amount of minerals in the water. The best solution is often a whole house water softener.

water softener

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) water is considered hard if it contains mineral concentrations of 120 parts per million.  The most common hard water minerals are calcium and magnesium.

The City of Tampa states that the mineral content in the Tampa water supply ranges from 140 to 300 parts per million.  Now, that’s pretty hard!  It’s probably the cause of all the hard water problems.

Some area folks like the hard water, and it is safe to drink out of the faucet.  Both calcium and magnesium are beneficial to humans.  The problem with hard water is that it inhibits soaps and detergents from producing suds, so it appears that they may not be doing their jobs effectively.  But in reality, they are just fine.

The popular remedy for hard water is to purify the water in your Tampa home using some type of water filter.  There are many types, from single bottle filters to whole house systems.

If you are considering a whole house filtration  system, you might want to check out information on the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) website.

If you decide that a whole house system is in your immediate future, we encourage you to contact us at Midway Services.  We can provide you with the very best water conditioning systems available today. Our plumbing technicians explain everything about your new system and professionally install it.  Best of all, all Midway work is 100% guaranteed.


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