What Is Making My Drains Slow?

Posted on: June 7, 2016

drain leaksWe hear this often. “Lately, all of the drains in my house have slowed down.  Sometimes it is hard to tell if the drain is working at all.  I use chemical drain cleaners, without improvement. I am afraid to use metal snakes in the drains since they can cause damage to the pipes.  What should I do?”

Slow drains can be caused by any number of issues that are common in the Tampa Bay area.  A single slow drain might be caused by a simple clog that is removed or dissolved by snaking or using professional, environmentally safe chemicals.

When the house is suffering from slow drains, the cause can be a sewer line problem that may or not be the responsibility of the homeowner.  Further, the responsibility of the main sewer line lies within whichever government agency supplies your water and sewer.  The homeowner, however, is responsible for any issues from the main sewer line into the home.

In many cases, tree roots are the culprits.  Even though sewer pipes are substantial, over time, they can become encircled and eventually blocked by the strong roots of mature trees.  At Midway Services, if we suspect a root intrusion, we conduct a video inspection of the sewer pipe.  This provides visual evidence and precise location of the blockage.

Sometimes introducing an herbicide will halt the root expansion into the sewer, but it will not provide a long-term fix.  In other cases, a metal auger can be used to remove the blockage, but again, this fix is temporary.


The only permanent cure for tree root intrusion is to replace the clogged pipe.  

You can trust Midway Services to fix your intrusive service problem and to do it right.  Since 1957, Midway has provided the highest quality plumbing services, including sewer line repairs, to homeowners in the Tampa Bay area.


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