How Can I Stop Banging Water Pipes?

Posted on: June 7, 2016

banging water pipesWater pipes hidden within your walls and most of the time they do their jobs efficiently and quietly.  That is a great system – out of sight and mind.  But what happens when they start making themselves known by producing loud knocking noises? So why do your water pipes bang and what can you do to stop them?

Your plumbing pipes are attached to your home’s framing, but over time, they can get loose.  Especially in older Tampa Bay homes or local homes with high water pressure, they can start clanking when the water is turned off suddenly.

Popular Mechanics suggests a couple of fixes that seem to work without tearing your walls down.

First, if the problem is caused by high water pressure (usually above 60 psi), installing a pressure-reducing valve should solve the problem.  Our professional plumbers can also install air chambers (sometimes called hammer arresters).  These act as cushioning devices that absorb the energy caused by rapid water movement.  They basically work as water pipe shock absorbers.

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