Water Softener Myths

Posted on: May 31, 2016

As with many things in life, there are myths behind the use of a water softener that can makes homeowners either feel nervous about using one or not eager to fix theirs if it is not working properly. At Midway Services, our mission is to enhance your home life, comfort, and safety, so we are here to share with you some common water softening tips so that you can be a little bit more educated on the process and maybe choose to incorporate it into your home.

  1. You can’t drink from a water softener. Drinking from the tap when using a water softener is perfectly safe! If you are concerned about the trace amount of sodium involved, there are even options in which salt isn’t used in the process.
  2.  A water softener doesn’t rinse soap off. This is a common misconception due to the fact that soft water can cause skin to feel more silky, but rest assured, removing the hard chemicals from your water is actually giving you a better clean!
  3. Water softeners are too expensive to operate. When looking at what it can save you – up to 50% detergent for laundry and dishes & up to 20% on electric – it truly is a saver, not a waster.

If you are searching for a water softener repair in Tampa Bay, Midway Services would love to assist! Contact one of our service technicians today to schedule an appointment or get some more information on the service you are interested in.




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