Quick Fixes To Boost Home Value

Posted on: April 25, 2016

Looking for ways to spruce up your home without breaking the bank? At Midway Services, we know that it’s not always feasible to take part in large redesigns of your home. For those who are looking for a change or seeking new ways to boost their home’s value, we have some small updates that would be perfect for you.

The kitchen is one of the biggest selling points in a home. In fact, when homebuyers were surveyed on which room they would like to see first in a potential new house, the kitchen was their choice. Since it’s such an important place and truly the heart of the home, making changes to enhance it is a great idea. An easy way to do this on a budget is to spruce up the appliances. This could mean a good cleaning, fixing broken handles, or possibly replacing smaller appliances so they match the larger ones. even adding brighter lights into the kitchen can make it appear larger and more inviting!

A great cleaning and maybe even a little paint in the bathroom can also make huge changes to the look and feel of your space. Years of use can make the bath look a little dingy, so taking the time to really make everything look new again is key. Consider adding in a new faucet or toilet seat lid so that the details of the room are fresh and new.

In Florida especially, finding ways to keep your house cool and humidity-free is extremely important to all of us. In addition to making sure that your home has an A/C unit that is working properly, it is also a good investment to add ceiling fans to your rooms. In fact, we are running a special now to help you outfit your home with all the fans you need. With the every 3 fan installs, you can get one free!


Contact Midway Services today for more information on how we can help you make great updates to your home that can certainly make your space more inviting and even worth more in the long run!


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