What If My A/C Unit Won’t Turn On?

Posted on: April 11, 2016

One of the most used home appliance and machine during the spring and summer months in Florida is the air conditioning unit. Commonly, the unit may run throughout the entire warmer months without ever being shut down at all. So what happens if your A/C unit is off when you don’t expect it to be or simply won’t turn back on? We have some things to check out when you are concerned about your unit.

Not having cool air circulating in your Tampa Bay home around this time of year is most definitely an emergency and that is why over the years we have received so many late night calls about this issue. No one should have to go long without a cool and refreshed home.

Our air technicians are more than happy to come and assist you at any time, but while you are waiting for their arrival there are some quick tips you can check out to see if the situation resolves itself.

  • Check the power supply. Sometimes the power may have gone out and you have not noticed it yet. Florida is known, especially in the spring and summer, for many storms and lightening strikes so the power going out may very well be the cause. Also, the breaker may have tripped, which in this case would just require you to reset the breaker. Air conditioning units, especially when being run so often, use a whole lot of energy, so having them trip a breaker is not uncommon and not a large cause for concern.
  • Make sure your thermostat settings are correct. If something has changed on the settings, it may be keeping the unit from properly being turned on. If the thermostat is off as well and showing a blank screen, try changing the batteries in that particular portion of the unit.
  • Check the filter. An extremely clogged filter can stop the unit from working correctly. We recommend changing the filter at least once a month.

Getting your A/C checked and serviced regularly is extremely important to the longevity of the machine. We are currently running a special that can help you check that off your to-do list! Call us to recieve our $59 Clean and Check!

Midway Services is your Tampa area A/C expert! Never be afraid to give us a call and ask questions, as we would be happy to help, and if nothing is able to bring your unit back to life we will certainly come and assist.


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