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Posted on: April 11, 2016

We have officially made our way into spring and here at Midway Services, we couldn’t be more excited about the season change. Along with the springtime’s approach comes many things. For one, people see this time of year as a time to appreciate our world more and find ways to help, such as participating in Earth Day events and activities. Furthermore, this is one of the most popular times of year for individuals to get into the cleaning and organizing spirit that we often hear referred to as spring cleaning. With all that being said, there is so much you can do to help our environment, your home, and your wallet this spring with just a little assistance from us at Midway!

Did you know that the average American spends about 87% of their entire life indoors? This number may be of shock to you, but this means that the large majority of the air you are breathing in your life is not fresh air from the great outdoors. The air inside our homes and offices should be of the upmost quality to ensure the health and wellness of you and your family.Indoor air pollution is a real thing, and can even be up to 100X worse than right outside your door.

Looking for a practical way to help save our earth? Newer air conditioning units are much more energy efficient and can help with the enormous amount of greenhouse gasses that are emitted each year. That’s not all though. Once your new unit is installed you can maintain proactive habits that allow for energy conservation as well. Just decreasing the temperature on the thermostat by one degree can save 3% in heating energy.Small sacrifices truly do make all the difference.

Lastly, we have not forgotten about how Midway Services can even make an impact in your wallet. Investing in regular heating and cooling check ups from a professional can in turn help you save up to 30% a year on energy costs. Depending on what sort of system you are currently running in your home, a new unit may even save you more than that!

Our service technicians are ready and willing to help you come up with the best strategy to save a whole lot of green – the earth and your very own cash.

We are even running a special on new A/C units! Who wouldn’t like $500 OFF a complete installation?

Contact us today for more information or read more about our A/C services here.


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