Water Softening

Posted on: February 29, 2016

Living in Florida means we have a need to treat our water in a water softening system. Many homeowners may not even realize the benefits of treating hard water. The longevity of your home’s plumbing is very much impacted by the quality of the water running thru it.

Calcium and magnesium are minerals that are commonly found in water, but when there is too much of either of these, water is considered “hard.” Not only does hard water make it more difficult for detergents and soaps to dissolve in the water, it also is known to clog pipes in homes and buildings. Additionally, there are some health issues that can be aggravated by too many of these minerals in your water. The removal of these contaminants is a process that we call, water softening. Midway Services of Clearwater, St Petersburg, and Tampa can test the water in your home and suggest products that will improve it.

A water softener is an appliance in your home that should last you many, many years if taken care of properly. If the unit stops working, however, there can be repercussions to the plumbing system that you will not want to deal with. Here at Midway Services, we know that you have not always planned it in your budget to replace your water softener, so we have a great deal for you! We are offering our customers $500 OFF a water softener for a limited time. Call us today for more information about getting yours properly inspected and/or replaced!


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