Should You Do Electrical Work On Your Own?

Posted on: February 29, 2016

There are so many DIY projects and home improvement shows out there nowadays that many home owners don’t always see the need to hire a professional when something isn’t working quite right. This is great when it comes to touching up paint or cleaning out filters, but this is not a great idea when it comes to more dangerous aspects of our homes. We know how rewarding it is to fix something for your family, but be sure that you are keeping yourself safe in the process.

Midway Services, first and foremost, cares about the safety of each of our customers and of our technicians. We would never want to get a call regarding a problem that caused injury to someone in a home. This is why we stress the importance of having proper ongoing maintenance for your household appliances, machines, and check ups on your electrical and plumbing. Something in particular that can cause a lot of damage and harm if not handled properly is electricity. If you are having trouble with something electric in your home, it is best to hire professionals.

Some risks of taking this on yourself, include:
• Fire: Electrical fires are started countless times a year due to improper wiring and mistakes with the connection. Don’t let this happen in your home! Our electricians are trained and follow strict codes to keep everyone safe.
• Bodily Injury or Fatalities: Unfortunately, this is just the truth, not a way to scare you. With electricity, there is little room for error. For someone who is improperly trained, this can cause extreme issues.
• Property Damage: Not only fires, but many other problems can arise when electricity is not dealt with properly. Many insurance companies will not even help with the damage if you cannot prove a professional did it.

When you have needs in your home that need addressing, allow a professional from Midway Services to help you! We offer 24/7 phone calls and very lenient service times to fit your schedule! Contact us today for more information!


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