Keep These Out Of The Garbage Disposal!

Posted on: February 29, 2016

A garbage disposal is a very well loved appliance in the modern home, and sometimes we start to get lazy about what we decide to put in or keep out. It is important, however, to be sure that you limit certain food items from going through the disposal process, lest you risk the chance of the system malfunctioning. Although your unit can handle a lot, it cannot handle everything.

So, what should be heading straight to the trashcan instead of the sink? Here are 4 things you should keep out of the garbage disposal:

1. Hard food remnants. Pits, seeds, bones, and things of this consistency cannot be ground up without damaging the disposal unit.
2. Stringy foods. The impellers inside your unit can easily get stringy substances wrapped around the blades, causing clogging and the disposal to stop working.
3. Pasta and rice. Even though these generally go through the garbage disposal with ease, they are foods that expand in when they absorb water and can cause clogs in your pipes.
4. Oils & grease. These substances are known for destroying drainpipes and leaving lots of residue.

Midway Services can certainly help you out with any garbage disposal or plumbing issues that you have. Be sure to contact us today before the issue gets any worse!


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