Help Your Air Conditioning Spring to Life

Posted on: February 29, 2016

We are happily approaching warmer weather and the influx of summer days ahead in South Florida! Although living right near the beach seems like a breeze to the rest of the country, we know that keeping the air temperature cool and collected inside our homes and offices can be a difficult task. With the longest days of the year coming soon, the sunlight is sure to beam through our windows and warm up our homes.

Midway Services is your area expert for all things air conditioning and heating. Have you needed to have your A/C checked on, but not gotten around to it? Do you have a feeling that it isn’t working properly? Don’t wait any longer to get it worked out. Take this time to tune up your air conditioning system with help from your friends at Midway. Right now is the perfect time to get a spruce up with our special deal.

Want to learn more about just how important it is to find a problem before it’s too late? Take a look at what we offer & why we do so, here!

There are several signs that may point you to a problem with your home’s air conditioning system as well:

• Strange odors such as burning or other smells coming from the vents
• Thumping or other sounds when the unit turns on or off
• Your home is unevenly cooled or heated
• Your unit seems to run constantly or turns on and off frequently
• Your thermostat displays a temperature that you know is incorrect
• Your power bill keeps going up but you haven’t changed your usage

The months ahead will put strain on your system. Make sure that it can handle the heat!


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