Spring Cleaning & Bathroom Remodel

Posted on: February 13, 2016

Although the weather has been leaning more on the chilly side this month, we can be certain as Floridians that the warm weather will be upon us before we even realize it. With the changing of seasons often comes the change within ourselves to kick into gear all the plans we have been dreaming of. One of the most common ways that people tend to transition their lives into springtime is with ‘Spring Cleaning.’

Each and every year, we purge our closets of the clothes that we won’t need for another 11 months and start to organize every drawer, nook, and cranny. During this process, we tend to take inventory of our homes, much more than we did around the hustle and bustle of the holiday and winter season.

Do you ever look around your home and wish that there were a way that you could spruce it up just a little bit more? Did you notice throughout your cleaning process that some things just haven’t been upgraded or replaced in countless years? You don’t have to wonder any longer how much it would be to have those new upgrades! Here at Midway Services, we specialize in bathroom remodels and are offering the deal of the year right now!

No more makeshift replacements with zip ties and duct tape in your bathroom. You deserve something top of the line this year! We know that there are things in life that often take priority to home improvements, which is why with the special we are currently running you no longer have to feel guilty about making those changes! We are giving our customers $1,000 off a complete bathroom remodel! Call us today for a free estimate and personalized onsite evaluations.


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