4 Signs You Need Garbage Disposal Repair

Posted on: January 12, 2016

How do you know if you need garbage disposal repair? For the avid chef or even the occasional cook in Oldsmar, keeping the unit in good working order is essential. This simple step to green living is convenient and easy until problems arise. It’s helpful for you to understand your appliance prior to a glitch so you can remedy an issue quickly when it does occur.

Unit is Jammed

A blocked unit can lead to all kinds of complications, so turn it off right away. Some may try to resolve the issue by washing more material through the system, but this will likely make things worse; odds are it will pile up and the motor will overwork itself. Our garbage disposal repair specialists in Oldsmar have had to replace many appliances over the years due to a burnt out motor. This is the costliest part of the machine, so avoid the extra expense by letting us handle things.

Unit is Leaking

Puddles of water beneath your sink are an unwelcome sight because they are messy and encourage mold growth. Start your investigation by locating the source of the leak. This may take some patience to identify. Possible leak locations include in the :

  • Body
  • Main seal at the top
  • Drain pipe
  • Dishwasher inlet

Not all of these are simple fixes, so call a garbage disposal repair company in Oldsmar to complete the job correctly. We can seal the unit properly or identify whether it needs to be replaced.

Unit is Smelly

Any aromas from your kitchen in Oldsmar should only be coming from the savory and sweet dishes you’re cooking. While web sources will encourage you to put lemon slices through the stinky system, this may not be enough. If a machine isn’t operating properly, it will fail to chop up the food being put into it. The matter left behind will begin to decompose, creating an unpleasant odor and inviting unwanted insects into your home. When smells persist, you need garbage disposal repair.

Unit is Noisy

You can count on a certain amount of noise when running your appliance in Oldsmar; a piece of food could be stuck, and the unit is working extra hard to grind it up. You can help the device by cutting food into smaller pieces, which makes them easier to pass through. Do take note when it sounds like metal-on-metal. This is an indication that you need garbage disposal repair.

Call Midway Services for Garbage Disposal Repair

Many Oldsmar homeowners appreciate the benefits of their machine because of its convenience. For eco-conscious consumers, it also boasts the ability to reduce waste in landfills. But no appliance is exempt from wear or breakdowns over time. At Midway Services, garbage disposal repair experts will inspect and identify the issue to help you prevent high replacement costs. Call today!



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