How To Know If You Need to Rewire Your Home

Posted on: December 30, 2015

Too often, homeowners are surprised to discover faulty or old wires are the source of a house fire. During our daily routine, we don’t often consider all the working parts of our house in Pinellas Park. Whether it’s flipping on a light switch, heating up leftovers, or running the dehumidifier, we usually only pay attention when something isn’t working right. But this isn’t the best approach to take when it comes to the wiring in your home because the symptoms aren’t always noticeable without looking for them. If you’re not sure about the condition your cables are in, call an electrical company to confirm whether or not you need rewiring services.electricalrepair

Rewiring: a Matter of Safety

Feeling secure in your home is important, and uncertainty about the condition of cables makes you, your kids, and your pets vulnerable in Pinellas Park. The biggest factors that determine if you need to call an electrical company are the age and condition of existing wires. In 2013, the National Fire Protection Association stated that 32% of home structure fires connected to electrical distribution began with the ignition of materials, like insulation.

The Primary Culprit: Old Age

It’s possible that the wires in your Pinellas Park home are from the original installation, which is especially risky in buildings constructed over fifty years ago. We know that modern advancements have made former wiring obsolete because the energy load is too great. These cables are rarely insulated, and they can degrade over time, which increases the risk of fire. We have more devices and appliances plugged in today, so the older cables heat up and ignite insulation and other materials surrounding the coils. If you’re unsure about whether the cabling needs to be brought up to date, contact a reputable electrical company to conduct an inspection.

Additional Signs You Need to Call an Electrical Company

While it is the most common cause for rewiring, age isn’t always the culprit. It’s important to understand what other symptoms to watch for:

  • Aluminum wires, standard in homes built between 1965 and 1973
  • Multiple outlets and switches are charred or discolored
  • Cords and outlets become warm when being used
  • Wiring that is visibly disintegrating, worn, or torn
  • Your lights flicker when you power on an appliance
  • Circuit breaker trips consistently
  • You can hear a buzzing sound coming from your electrical outlet
  • You feel a shock or faint tingling when you touch an appliance
  • You can smell a burning odor

If any of these signs are present in your Pinellas Park home, you need to call an electrical company. When you fail to, you endanger yourself and your family members, so let us identify the issue and provide a course of action.

Midway Services

Rewiring is a time intensive job that requires specific equipment, so leave the work to an electrical company in Pinellas Park. At Midway, we can complete the job and ensure you and your family’s safety against fires caused by old or faulty wiring. Our qualified professionals can also help with plumbing, heating, and remodeling. We offer flat rates and don’t charge travel fees, so call us today to schedule an inspection!


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