Why Heating Repair Is So Important

Posted on: December 28, 2015

When your furnace breaks down or your water heater stops working, you’ll probably be scrambling to find the phone number for a heating repair service. In Clearwater, we’re lucky that the weather doesn’t get chilly too often, but when it does, you’ll want that heater to be up and running at full speed. Units like furnaces and air ducts contain complex parts that are easily mishandled or misplaced. Instead of attempting to fix a broken appliance on your own, contact a professional.heating-repairs

The Biggest Importance? Comfort.

Heating repair is important because it maintains the comfort and enjoyment of your home in Clearwater. When icy water pours out of your shower or your living room suddenly feels a lot chillier, your first instinct should be to check on your home’s heating systems. If your thermostat is reading 74 degrees but it feels more like 50, there’s a good chance that a malfunction has occurred. Before you poke around, there are a few things you can test.

     Reset the system. Look for a “restart” or “reset” button on the face of the thermostat.

     Make sure it’s switched to “ON.” It seems obvious, but sometimes those are the first things we overlook.

     Check the circuit. Use your circuit breaker panel to reset the connection and then retry.

Reducing the Need for Heating Repair

If you have a routine maintenance plan in place, it is much less likely that you’ll need heating repair services, but even then, there is always a chance that something could go wrong. To be prepared, you should have a maintenance service’s number on hand for quick assistance. If your unit is older than ten years, it is recommended that you replace your system. Every year technological advances lead to more efficient appliances such as furnaces, air conditioners, and water heaters. With a higher level of efficiency, your system will have to work less to produce the same result. By using less energy to operate, your monthly Clearwater utility bills will drop significantly.

Stay Comfortable and Call Midway

In the event that you need heating repair or if you are interested in maintenance, upgrades, or cleaning services, give Midway a call. We’ll be able to help you choose a new unit, install it, and keep you feeling warm all year long. Never go without warm water or heat in Clearwater with a little help from us. We offer 24-hour emergency assistance, so if you wake up to a frigid house at 3 am, we’ll be there to answer your call.


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