3 Tips for Your Water Softener Repair

Posted on: December 10, 2015

Water is hard in Oldsmar, and a softening unit is essential to lengthening the life of your pipes and appliances. Usually, the most maintenance needed is adding salt, but problems can arise. When they do, you’ll need to be prepared for your water softener repair.watersfotenerrepair

Proper Care Will Help You Avoid Frequent Water Softener Repair

Softening units are reputed as low-key appliances because they require little upkeep throughout the year. But, a lack of maintenance and old age can affect efficiency. There are a few ways you can prevent problems, including:

  • Clearing salty buildup
  • Only using pure salt with iron-removing agents
  • Waiting until the tank is nearly empty to add more

Breaking up chunks helps keep buildup from developing. By doing this, you will cut down on the amount of time you spend cleaning it each year.  The longer you wait, the worse the accumulation can become, and you may have to consult us for water softener repair. Some of our Oldsmar customers have thought that always keeping the salt level full is efficient, but it’s better to let the level get low before adding more. Letting it get low allows you to see what’s accumulating at the bottom of the tank. Dirt doesn’t dissolve nor does it pass through the system during the backwash or regeneration cycles. Throughout the year, dirt will gather at the bottom and, if enough accumulates, it will look a lot like a mud puddle. Follow our instructions to take the best care of your unit.

Clean the Brine Tank and Resin Bed Once a Year

We also advocate cleaning the brine tank and resin bed with a gentle cleanser once a year. This will lengthen your unit’s life and help you avoid frequent water softener repair. If you’re choosing to use a lower quality product in Oldsmar, you may have to clean it more often; we can’t emphasize enough the importance of using pure salt with iron-remover to save time in the long run.

Water Softener Repair

Without a properly working unit, your H₂O will only become harder and harder. It may be that the injector is clogged, or your resin bed is acting up. Some Oldsmar residents may try to fix it themselves, but it’s best to call in the water softener repair experts. Most people don’t have the knowledge to identify the problem or the tools to complete the job. Why spend your free time trying to figure it out when you can call us?

Midway Services: the Best Choice

Midway Services is the best choice for water softener repair in Oldsmar. Our services reach far beyond plumbing, so we can help you with electrical work, a remodeling project or any problems with your cooling system. Call us for more information!


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