Six Common Indoor Air Pollutants

Posted on: November 2, 2015

Proper AC maintenance is essential for keeping the air in your Dunedin home as clean and pure as possible. Air pollutants are responsible for negative health effects and other damages. The EPA has set National Ambient Air Quality Standards for the following six common air pollutants. AC 2 compressed

Particulate Matter

Particulate matter is comprised of many different elements, such as acids, chemicals, metals, dust particles, or soil. It’s generally categorized as:

  • Inhalable coarse particles are 2.5 to 10 micrometers in diameter and are found near roads and dusty industries.
  • Fine particles, like those in smoke or haze, are much smaller that inhalable particles. They come directly from the source, like power plants, forest fires, automobiles, and industrial emissions.

Inhalable particles are more common in homes, and with proper air filter and AC maintenance, can be kept to a minimum.


This may be confusing because, after all, isn’t the ozone layer what protects us from harmful sun rays? The ozone that’s filtered out through your HVAC system is actually considered “ground ozone”, and is created when nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds interact in sunlight. Dunedin is full of sunlight, so purifying your home of “bad” ozone is important; routine AC maintenance can ensure that your home’s air is as clean as possible.

Carbon Monoxide

You’ve probably heard of carbon monoxide poisoning and how dangerous —and fatal— it can be. Furnaces and heaters are notorious for emitting high amounts of carbon monoxide if not kept up properly. With proper AC maintenance on you HVAC system, you can prevent potential carbon monoxide leaks from harming the residents of your home in Dunedin.

Sulfur Dioxide

This corrosive gas comes from burning coal or oil, so if you leave near any factories or power plants in Dunedin, be sure to have your AC maintenance routinely done to prevent it from entering your home. Sulfur dioxide can trigger asthma attacks and exacerbate emphysema, making it hard to breathe. It also irritates the delicate lining of eyes, noses, and throats.


Older houses in Dunedin may have lead paint that can cause serious health problems. Peeling lead paint, in particular, is an abundant source of lead, as well as old pipes that may leach it into the water. To protect your home and all who live in it, seek services to remove the sources of lead and to replace your air filters.

Nitrogen Dioxide

This gas comes mostly from cars and power plants, but also electric utilities and wood burning. When exposed to NO2, people suffer from respiratory distress and increase their chances of infection. Nitrogen dioxide is also responsible forming ozone, acid rain, and particles, which is harmful to plants and animals in addition to humans.

Breathe Easy with Midway Services

Midway Services has been performing AC maintenance in the Dunedin area for many years and has helped many households protect themselves from dangerous air pollutants. Have your air filters checked routinely, and see what a technician can do to make your HVAC more efficient. Call today to schedule an appointment.


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