Avoid These Drain Cleaning Mistakes

Posted on: October 21, 2015

It’s tempting to try to fix any pipe and drain issues yourself so you don’t have to call in a plumbing company, but sometimes DIY attempts end in disaster. The attempts that don’t end in disaster usually end up only acting as a temporary solution. Save yourself from even more extensive damage and call a professional to your home in Pinellas Park right away. To help you even further, we’ve made a list of common drain cleaning mistakes so you can avoid them in the future. pinellasparkplumbing

Using Chemicals

Liquid drain cleaners are the bane of every plumbing company. Not because we think they render us useless, but because they end up causing more trouble for our Pinellas Park clients! Don’t spend your hard-earned money on a toxic, chemical-filled cleaner (powder, liquid, paste, or otherwise). They’re known to cause negative reactions in pipes and can even eat away at them. We have plenty of natural, safe options for cleaning your drain that are easy and simple to use.

Sticking Anything Into the Drain

Professional or makeshift, it’s important you don’t stick any tool or utensil down the drain. A professional plumbing company technician can quickly come to your home in Pinellas Park and use their training and expertise, as well as high-grade tools to fix your drain. You don’t want to run the risk of losing a butter knife down your drain when you were just trying to pull up the stopper.

Overdoing Water Pressure

It may seem logical to try and “flush out” the pipe with a blast of water, but really this just ends up backfiring. Pressure can build up in the pipes, or water may burst out back in your direction, soaking you and your floor. A professional can remove the clog, small or large, with techniques that are safe for pipes.

Undoing Pipes

Even if you know your way around water pipes, it’s best to leave any disassembling to a professional plumbing company. You don’t want to get halfway into unscrewing the pipe when suddenly, a geyser erupts. Call a technician into your Pinellas Park home to ensure no blasts of water explode and your pipes don’t get damaged or reassembled incorrectly.

Don’t Attempt DIY- Call Midway Today

To protect your pipes, contact a professional plumbing company in Pinellas Park to assist you with your drain and pipe needs. At Midway we know DIY is tempting, but with our 24/7 emergency hotline and fast 60-minute service, you can easily put your home maintenance in the hands of a professional. Our technicians will safely and effectively treat the problem, leaving you with a permanent solution to your drain or pipe troubles.


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