Water Softener Myths and Facts

Posted on: October 7, 2015

If you’re considering water softener services for your Pinellas Park home, you may have come across some conflicting information about what these appliances do. Midway is here to help you separate the myths from the facts. watersoftenerclearwater

Myth: Water Softeners Filter Water

While water softener services are extensive and can do a lot for your household, the mechanisms themselves do not act as filters; they are converters. They take in unclean liquid and instead of cleaning it, simply replace the calcium with salt. In terms of drinkability, this liquid is not any purer than what comes from the tap in Pinellas Park.

Myth: You Don’t Need Salt for Soft Water

The removal of calcium and magnesium and replacement of sodium is the basic function of these systems, and professional water softener services can make sure that yours is working at maximum efficiency. Some in Pinellas Park suggest that there is no need for salt to create a soft liquid, but the salt —in place of the other minerals— is what does the softening.

Myth: Hard Water is Cleaner

When some people switch away from hard aqua, they don’t feel as clean after taking a shower. This happens because your body is retaining moisture and natural oils that hard liquid previously washed off your skin. These are essential for the health of your skin, and will leave your skin and hair feeling less dried out. Hard liquid leaves a slight residue because of the hard minerals it contains (like iron, magnesium, and calcium).

Myth: Softened Water is Really Salty

While water softener services do work to remove hard minerals and replace them with salt, they do not add extra salt. An 8-ounce glass of softened liquid has about 12.5 milligrams of sodium while an 8-ounce cola has 30 milligrams of sodium. Long story short, having one of these systems in your Pinellas Park home will not give you salty liquid, just liquid that is softened by salt!

Myth: Hard Water is Fine for Washing

Hard water is just that— hard. It contains hard minerals that, when washing, interact with the soap you use, not the stains or dirt. With professional services, you can reduce the need for detergent by as much as 50% because the minerals don’t interact with the soap. Save money and aqua at home in Pinellas Park by using softened liquid to clean your clothes, dishes, and more!

Call Midway for Water Softener Services Today

Now that you’ve sorted out the myths and facts about water softener services, call Midway to your Pinellas Park home today. We can upgrade your system or install a brand new one. We are available to assist you with all of your plumbing, electrical, AC and heating, and remodeling needs and our 60-minute support means we are in and out in no time flat. Call today to find out more, or to schedule an upgrade or installation appointment!


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