Reducing Indoor Humidity

Posted on: August 9, 2015

During the peak of Florida’s rainy season, Dunedin residents do not only have hot, humid outdoor weather to deal with; they have to handle indoor moisture accumulation as well.  Too much moisture inside your home can fog windows, grow mold, make your skin feel balmy, and smell like mildew. Calling a professional air conditioning company is one way to ensure your home stays cool and dry all summer long. However, there are other steps you can take on your own to reduce indoor humidity. airconditioningservicesclearwatertampastpetersburg

  • Ventilate highly humid areas. In areas more prone to moisture, such as the bathroom or kitchen, proper ventilation is the key to preventing humidity. Make sure fans are turned on in the bathroom while you’re taking a long, hot shower, or crack a window in your kitchen as you steam vegetables and boil pasta.
  • Invest in a dehumidifier. More than one type of dehumidifier exists on the market, but each seeks to reduce the moisture in a given area. If your local air conditioning company approves that your unit is properly working and on the appropriate settings, purchasing a dehumidifier could be your next best step.
  • Maintain downspouts and gutters. The sole purpose of downspouts and gutters is to carry water away from your house, but if you aren’t properly maintaining them, they won’t be able to properly function. Make sure all fixtures are facing away from the home and are regularly cleaned to prevent water from puddling around your home’s foundation.
  • Reconsider carpeting. If you’ve checked with your local air conditioning company, and everything is working smoothly, you may wonder why you can still detect moisture. Carpets often retain moisture and become the perfect environment for mold growth in addition to holding on to musty mildew smells. Replacing old carpets can not only spruce up your Dunedin home, but also eliminate some of the moisture retention. Consider installing hardwood or stone floors instead of a new carpet.
  • Double-check insulation. Make sure the cold water pipes and tubing in your Dunedin home are well-insulated to reduce “sweating.” When warm air surrounds cold water in tanks and pipes, condensation or “sweating” occurs, making the area more humid.


Midway Is Your Dunedin Air Conditioning Company

Although there are a number of solutions to your humidity problem, calling a Dunedin air conditioning company should be your first move to ensure you don’t spend extra money on a malfunctioning system. Give the experts at Midway Services a call today to have your system inspected.


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