Ask an Electrical Service Company: How Can I Reduce Electricity Bills?

Posted on: July 29, 2015

Just because electricity is an inescapable necessity doesn’t mean you should have to pay hundreds of dollars each month to keep your home cool and comfortable. As an electrical service company in Tierra Verde, we know every homeowner wants to know how to reduce their bills each month, without sacrificing their comfort. In order to better help you, we have created a list of simple and easy ways to save money. indoor air quality tampa

1. Keep vents open and clean. Some Tierra Verde homeowners believe that closing vents will save them money, but it is actually the opposite. Keeping vents open and clean will keep your AC from working too hard and using more energy.

2. Use ceiling fans correctly. While they won’t actually reduce the temperature in a room, ceiling fans will create a breeze to keep you more comfortable. This means they shouldn’t be on if no one is in the room, since they will just be wasting energy and creating a breeze no one will enjoy. Your local Tierra Verde electrical service company can also explain that running fans counter clockwise will keep you cool in the summer, and clockwise will trap heat inside during the winter.

3. Reduce your heat usage during laundry. Using cold water during laundry will cut your heating costs, as well as using the dryer as little as possible. If you cannot air dry your clothes, running the dryer at night when it is cooler outside will keep energy consumption down.

4. Turn off your appliances. Things like a desktop computer, televisions, and video game systems will use a lot of energy, even when they aren’t being used. Instead of having to turn them all off individually, connect them all to a power strip or small surge protector and turn them all on and off at the same time.

Midway is Your Electrical Service Company

If you have tried these tips and still think your unit isn’t running efficiently, call your local electrical service company for an inspection. Our qualified and trained electricians will be able to inspect your home’s HVAC unit, lighting, and the rest of your Tierra Verde home to see how they can help you save. And, at Midway Services, we offer 24/7 emergency services, so you will never have to wait long for our technicians to arrive. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!


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