Signs You Have Hard Water in Your Home

Posted on: June 29, 2015

When most Dunedin homeowners think about home improvement services, they think of repainting the exterior of their house or maybe updating some fixtures inside. Few ever consider what is coming out of their faucets. With water softener services, you can update your home and save yourself money at the same time. Hard water can cause a variety of problems many of which can lead to your pipes wearing out faster than they should. This simple step can also improve your family’s quality of life, in a few simple ways. watersoftenerclearwater

Some easy ways to tell if your Dunedin home could benefit from water softener services include:

  1. Clothes don’t feel as clean as they should after being washed. If you noticed your clothes seem dingy or even dull after being washed, you may have hard water. The extra iron in the H2O can cause your clothes to feel rough and even leave stains on them. Not only is this uncomfortable, but you will need to replace your towels, sheets, linens, and clothes more often too.
  2. Your heating bill increased. When there are too many minerals in your H2O, your hot water heater will be working extremely inefficiently, causing your bills to rise. In addition to higher than normal bills, you will also need to replace the machine sooner than normal.
  3. Pots, pans and showerheads have a white residue. If no matter how hard your scrub that pot, it still has a white residue, it may be time to call for professional water softener services in Dunedin. While these mineral deposits are not dangerous to your health, they can damage your pots, pans and pipes and can be frustrating to look at.
  4. Your skin feels really dry after a shower. The excess minerals in the H2O make it a lot harder to get all of the soap off of your skin, making it feel really dry after a shower. In addition to dry skin, it can also trap bacteria onto your skin causing irritation.

Get Water Softener Services with Midway

If any of those signs sound familiar, or if you just want a consultation, call Midway today for high quality water softener services. Not only can we help you find the best system for your Dunedin home, but we can also help maintain it and perform any necessary repairs.

For more information about how hard water could be affecting your home, call us today.


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