Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Posted on: June 15, 2015

An important aspect of AC services in Clearwater is making sure that your HVAC is ready for the change of seasons. Summer heat is in full force, which means your air conditioner is probably running on full blast all day. Have you had the necessary work done to be confident that it will last all season? We have put together some simple steps to making sure that your HVAC unit can take the heat! airconditioningservicesclearwatertampastpetersburg

  1. Keep it clean. It is important not only to change the filters, but also to take the time to make sure the evaporator coils are clean, and that there aren’t any leaves or debris around the unit that could get sucked in and clog it.
  2. Watch your bills. While other steps require the help of an AC services professional, this is one you can do on your own. Pay attention to how much your cooling and energy bills are so you are more likely able to notice a spike as soon it happens. Also pay attention to how often your cooling unit turns on and off throughout the day; too many times can lead to you paying a lot more for unnecessary reasons.
  3. Regular maintenance. The easiest way to make sure your HVAC is ready for the Clearwater summer is by having regular maintenance performed by an expert technician. Technicians will keep your unit running efficiently, performing any small repairs needed, which can save you from the shock of emergency repairs down the road.

AC Services with Midway

At Midway, we have been offering the highest quality of AC services to Clearwater residents for more than 50 years and, during that time, we have learned how to be the very best we can be. Not only are our technicians factory trained and certified, but they are also courteous and will always treat you and your home with respect.

If you aren’t sure if your cooling unit can handle another Florida summer, call us today for an inspection. We can put your mind at ease, or if needed, we can handle any necessary repairs or installations. With our convenient 24/7 service option, you never have to wait long for a properly functioning AC to cool of your Clearwater home!


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