Why Are My Pipes Making Noises?

Posted on: June 2, 2015

Being a homeowner means knowing when something is normal and when something means you need to call for plumbing services. Sometimes, this can be a tough decision to make; you don’t want to pay a professional to tell you nothing is wrong, but you also don’t want to ignore any warning signs. When your home’s plumbing has started making odd noises, many Pinellas Park residents start to panic. However, some noises are more innocuous than others. pinellasparkplumbing

At Midway, we want you to be fully informed about what is happening in your home, which is why we have explained some of the more common sounds your plumbing may make from time to time.

  • Thud when you turn off the faucet. A thud or hammer sound when you turn off a faucet is typically a sign that your home’s water pressure is too high. Not only does this mean undue stress on your pipes, but it can drive up your water bill as well. Investing in a pressure regulator can keep the pressure at normal levels.
  • Sink is hissing. This is the same problem as the thud; hissing sounds inside your sink or faucet signals that the pressure is too high. Ask your local plumbing services company about a PSI regulator to help with high pressures.
  • Dripping. Not only is a leaky faucet extremely annoying, but it can be a huge waste of water and money. If you are tired of listening to dripping all day in your Pinellas Park home, this can be fixed simply by putting in a new washer, or even an entirely new faucet.
  • Shaking and rattling. If you have started to notice a shaking or rattling sound each time you drain water (like flushing the toilet), your pipes might be loose. Call a professional to tighten any areas that are becoming unsecure.

If you have been experiencing any of these sounds coming from your Pinellas Park home’s pipes, call us at Midway Services today. We offer high quality plumbing services, and we charge by the job, not by the hour. Call us today to see what it is like to hire the best.


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