Choosing the Best Plumbing Company

Posted on: May 21, 2015

The key to choosing the best plumbing company in Tierra Verde is looking for one before you have an emergency. When you come home to a flooded bathroom, you aren’t going to take the time to search for the best one, you will probably just call the first one you can find. This could end well, or end up in you getting scammed. Considering how much time you take to plan anything else with your life, whether it’s a new paint color for the bedroom or a new car, it will not hurt to spend some time finding the best plumber in town. This way, when there is an emergency, you can calmly know that you will have the best contractors working on your home. plumbingrepairtierraverse

Factors to Consider

  • Pricing. This is one of the most important factors, but it can be confusing. You don’t always want to go with the cheapest bid; but at the same time, you don’t need to empty your wallet for quality service. As long as they are all within 20% of each other, you will know you received fair prices. Also, look for a plumbing company with flat rate pricing, instead of hourly; this way, you don’t get stuck with someone who spends 3 hours on something that could have taken 30 minutes.
  • Availability. Never underestimate the importance of finding a company in Tierra Verde that offers 24/7 services. Many homeowners will not realize how important this is, until is a Friday night and they have a broken pipe that cannot be fixed until 9am on Monday.
  • Reviews. Check out their online reviews, along with how long they have been in business. Finding a well-established and well-liked company will help you feel more confident about the people working in your home.

Hire Midway as Your Plumbing Service Company

Why should you choose Midway to be your plumbing service company? Consider these facts:

  • We have been in business in the Tampa Bay for over 50 years, providing residents with the very best home services available
  • We offer 24/7 emergency services, so if you have a burst pipe at 9pm on a Saturday, know that our technicians are just a call away!
  • We charge by the job, not the hour! No matter how long it takes, you will still always pay the same price
  • We are known as the “one stop shop” for home services; we offer everything from plumbing repair to AC installation to surge protectors and even home remodeling! When you call Midway, you know we will be able to handle anything!

If you need a qualified, experienced, and trustworthy plumbing service company, don’t wait any longer to call Midway! Our fast, affordable, and high quality services have made us the best in the area!


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